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Patriots’ keys to feat over a Giants

When: Sunday, 4:25 p.m.

Where: MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, N.J.

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TV, radio: CBS, WBZ-FM (98.5)

When a Giants run

Rashad Jennings will get a initial moment during denting a Patriots run invulnerability that has been plugging each hole and swamping each round conduit a final 3 games. Jennings is a good-sized behind (6 feet 1 inch, 231 pounds) with good energy and decent quickness. He has good prophesy and will discerning bestir by creases. He accelerates during a second spin and will gaunt into would-be tacklers by obscure his shoulder and delivering a blow. Jennings doesn’t have ideal lower-body strength and runs a bit upright, so he’ll take some large hits. He doesn’t mangle a ton of tackles. Andre Williams (5-11, 230) is a thick, wide-shouldered curtain with good prophesy and strength. He does a good pursuit following his blockers. Williams lacks a discerning initial step yet if he gets a purify lane, he will collect adult speed into a secondary. He powers by arm tacklers and has a good breakaway gear. Shane Vereen is unequivocally sleek and slippery. He shows good detonate by a hole and can spin out of tackles yet doesn’t unequivocally mangle them. Orleans Darkwa (6-0, 215) is another curtain with good prophesy and speed yet has extrinsic energy and can’t make a lot of yards on his own. Weston Richburg (6-3, 298) is a quick, jaunty core who sheds and gets to a second spin quickly. He can get overpowered, however. Guards Justin Pugh (he’s large and athletic) and Geoff Schwartz (he’s large yet slow) have been inconsistent.

EDGE: Patriots

Rushing yards per game:

New York offense: 96.7 (21st)

New England defense: 89.2 (third)

When a Giants pass

Peyton might be a Manning that Patriots fans will always deride, yet Eli will always be a Manning they fear. And with good reason. Manning is a essentially sound quarterback with an arm that clearly gets stronger each year and whose decision-making clearly gets softened each year, too. Manning (6 feet 4 inches, 218 pounds) has distance and smarts. He checks down effectively and sets adult and scans a margin quickly. Manning consistently finds his delegate receivers and is a intelligent diversion manager. He’s not genuine burning yet he’s unflappable. Also, he throws a best finish section blur in a business. Manning will widespread a round around yet it’s Odell Beckham Jr. who gets a many courtesy and targets. A phenomenally discerning and jaunty receiver, Beckham gets off a snap in a snap and into his routes smoothly. Beckham (5-11, 198) has unequivocally clever hands and he uses them to benefit subdivision and obstacle each pass. He has good prophesy and toughness after a catch. Rueben Randle (6-2, 208) is a big, clever target. Randle uses his large support to invulnerability defenders from a round and has softened his track running. He’s not unusually discerning or discerning yet he has a knack for anticipating open spaces. Running behind Shane Vereen is an well-developed receiver who doesn’t usually line adult in a backfield. He knows each route, has arguable hands, and can shake and shimmy with a best of them. Dwayne Harris is disreputable good. Tight ends Will Tye (he’s smallish during 6-2, 261) and Jerome Cunningham (ditto during 6-3, 250) have a total 15 catches. Patriot corners Malcolm Butler (he’s sticky), Logan Ryan (he’s instinctive), and Justin Coleman (he’s improving) have been solid. New England’s safeties are personification during a high level. They are well-developed during ancillary a corners and a run.

EDGE: Giants

Passing yards per game:

New York offense: 253.0 (14th)

New England defense: 244.8 (16th)

When a Patriots run

LeGarrette Blount has a bulk and strength to be a workhorse back, and that’s some-more critical than ever as he is now a lead equine in New England’s belligerent game. The 6-foot, 250-pounder runs with instincts, patience, and power. Blount is some-more jaunty and discerning than many group his size. He shows some shake on inside runs and also can be deceptively fugitive in a open field. He’s a speed builder and will broach a good stiff-arm. He’s during his best when he’s removing lots of carries and lots of contact. Blount won’t go down simply and keeps his feet — and mostly a raise — relocating until a whistle, and mostly after it. James White will get some opportunities. The 5-10, 205-pounder has good prophesy and burst. He has sleek moves and changes speeds effortlessly. He runs low yet lacks energy and has had difficulty jolt a initial hit, yet he showed signs of alleviation in this area during a preseason. He lacks a bulk to be a bell cow yet has a skills to be a good interrelated piece. Brandon Bolden (5-11, 220) is athletic, chiseled, and versatile. He can be an effective, absolute inside curtain in brief doses yet does his best work in space. He’s not ultra-quick yet shows flashes of speed. Giant defensive tackles Markus Kuhn (he’s clever and tough) and Cullen Jenkins (he’s aging) are inconsistent. Replacement center linebacker Jasper Brinkley (he shows sideline-to-sideline quickness) will raise adult a lot of tackles and hits. He will be sleepy during a final whistle.

EDGE: Patriots

Rushing yards per game:

New England offense: 94.8 (26th)

New York defense: 114.8 (22d)

When a Patriots pass

This looks like a mismatch on paper with Tom Brady directing one of a league’s tip aerial attacks opposite a invulnerability that is ranked subsequent to final opposite a pass. It’s going to be a mismatch on a field, too. Brady simply has too many weapons and a Giants delegate is in shambles. Additionally, Big Blue hasn’t been means to get to a quarterback (a league-low 9 sacks), yet that should urge as Jason Pierre-Paul gets adult to speed. Julian Edelman has a quickest feet in a business. He’s also an glorious track curtain with clever hands and good margin awareness; he knows where a open spots and a sticks are. Danny Amendola has glorious quickness, good speed, and a aptitude for a timely, dramatic, acrobatic catch. Brandon LaFell (6-3, 210) has glorious size, speed, and versatility. He can play a brief game, a middle game, or he can fly downfield. Tight finish Rob Gronkowski (6-6, 265) is a savage in all areas: catching, blocking, and protecting. He’s unequivocally athletic, has good hands, and will steamroll defenders. Fellow parsimonious ends Michael Williams (he’s large and versatile) and Scott Chandler (ditto) chip in in all areas, too. It’s a crapshoot as distant as who will start on a corners for New York. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (long arms and good counterpart skills) and Trumaine McBride (good anticipation, no relation) are active. Safeties Brandon Meriweather and Landon Collins will reduce a bang yet are liabilities in coverage.

Matt Rourke/AP

Odell Beckham Jr.

EDGE: Patriots

Passing yards per game:

New England offense: 325.5 (third)

New York defense: 307.8 (31st)

Giants’ pivotal player: WR Odell Beckham Jr.

As physically means as they come, this 5-foot-11-inch, 198-pounder plays bigger than that. He’s quick, fast, athletic, and tough. Oh, and he needs usually one palm to make a many fantastic locate you’ll ever see.

How he beats you: With extraordinary speed and hands. He slips press coverage fluidly, gets open, and has a outrageous receiving radius. If it’s nearby him, he’s throwing it.

How to tighten him down: By removing physical. You contingency stay in his shirt all day and retaliate him during each spin and turn. He can be frustrated, so make him work on each down.

Giants’ keys to victory

1. Takeaway: New York has been skilful during formulating turnovers this season. That contingency continue in this one if a Giants have any possibility of gripping it close.

2. Keepaway: Establish a belligerent game. Running a round — and a time — to keep it divided from Tom Brady is an aged strategy. Sometimes, aged strategies work.

3. Breakaway: The pass rushers (especially a uninformed Jason Pierre-Paul) have to make Brady uncomfortable. This devise has worked in a past.

Patriots’ keys to victory

1. Person of interest: Eli Manning lacks athleticism yet he does have a sleazy knack for evading hits and shopping time. Keep him in a slot and make a initial strike count.

2. Blue bloods: Limit a YAC yardage. Odell Beckham Jr. (271 yards) and Shane Vereen (241) make lots of grain after a catch, so a good initial cocktail — and unresolved on — is vital.

3. Rescue me: Ball confidence is huge. Knowing when to hang it adult and strike a rug rather than quarrel for an additional yard is huge. The Giants adore to reason we adult and frame we of a ball.

Prediction: Patriots 38, Giants 20

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