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Paul McCartney Pays Tribute to Cynthia Lennon

PHOTO: John Lennon, left, and his mom Cynthia, a former art student, wait for a craft during London Airport, Feb. 26, 1966.

Paul McCartney paid reverence to his late bandmate’s initial wife, Cynthia Lennon.

Lennon, who was married the Beatles good John Lennon from 1962 to 1968, died currently during her home in Spain.

“The news of Cynthia’s flitting is really sad. She was a poetic lady who I’ve famous given a early days together in Liverpool,” McCartney pronounced in a matter to ABC News. “She was a good mom to Julian and will be missed by us all, though we will always have good memories of a times together.”

The British native, 75, “passed divided currently during her home in Mallorca, Spain, following a brief though dauntless conflict with cancer,” a deputy told ABC News in a statement. “Her son Julian Lennon was during her bedside throughout. The family are grateful for your prayers. Please honour their remoteness during this formidable time.”

As settled in a announcement, Cynthia and John had one child together — Julian, 51.

Cynthia met a mythological musician while a dual were both study during a Liverpool College of Art in a late 1950′s. Lennon eventually married Yoko Ono in 1969 after a couple’s split.

PHOTO: Julian Lennon and Cynthia Lennon, a son and initial mom of John Lennon, attend a phenomenon of a John Lennon relic Peace  Harmony during Chavasse Park, Oct. 9, 2010, in Liverpool, England.

After Lennon was murdered in 1980, Cynthia and Ono both spoke to “60 Minutes” about a singer.

“He’s done his mistakes, on a front pages of newspapers, all over a world,” Cynthia Lennon said. “But he revealed his essence for everybody else to see.”

When asked what led to a famed split, Cynthia said, “I consider we both changed. It was healthy that we both change. But we did not wish to go down a highway John was going … we had zero to escape. we wasn’t looking for anything else. we wasn’t acid in my mind for new practice on a mental state.”

Cynthia Lennon was married 3 some-more times after a 1968 split, many recently being widowed in 2013 when her father Noel Charles died.

She is survived by her son Julian, who posted an “In Loving Memory” video on YouTube that starts with a lyrics, “You gave your life for me. You gave your life for love.” The video is joined with insinuate cinema of a Lennon family from a 1960’s.

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