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Paul McCartney Returns to a Stage After Illness & Helps 64-Year-Old Fan …

Paul McCartneyTaylor Hill/Getty Images

Sir Paul McCartney returned to a theatre recently after postponing debate dates due to an illness and pulled a Justin Timberlake!

At a unison in Albany, New York on Saturday, Jul 5, a 72-year-old former Beatles thespian and strain idol gave a spotlight to 64-year-old John Dann.

He got adult on stage, sang partial of a 1967 Beatles strain “When I’m Sixty-Four” and afterwards due to girlfriend Claudia Rodgers in front of about 13,000 people, according to Rochester, New York-based journal The Democrat Chronicle. She pronounced yes!

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The integrate had previously stood not distant from a theatre and hold signs that review “He won’t marry me ’til he meets you” and “I have a ring and I’m 64,” a journal reported.

“And they requisitioned us for a wedding,” joked McCartney, according to The Poukeepskie Journal

This noted McCarthey’s initial unison given he canceled partial of his stream debate in May on a doctor’s orders, after contracting a virus. Several of his concerts have been rescheduled.

Timberlake had also helped a male propose to his partner during one of his concerts, behind in December.

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