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Pebble hopes to keep adult movement with Android Wear app integration

Smartwatch builder Pebble’s height is now concordant with apps for Google’s Android Wear OS, vouchsafing users see and respond to notifications from their wrists.

The functionality was done generally accessible on Monday, after carrying been beta tested given December. Notifications is a simple building retard of Android Wear, and what users can do and see on smartwatches using Google’s OS can now be replicated on Pebble’s products.

Pebble has posted dual videos display how users can respond to a Google Hangout summary and approve income exchange around Square Cash.

During a beta test, Pebble also combined pre-defined replies to notifications, creation it easier to respond approach from a smartwatch. To be means to use a Android Wear integration, Pebble owners have to refurbish a firmware on their watch and download a latest chronicle of a company’s smartphone app for Android.

Pebble’s plan in a marketplace that’s apropos increasingly rival is all about momentum: get a good using start and usually collect adult a pace, it said. So far, a association has managed to do that, with a solid waves of program updates, some-more apps in a app store and cost cuts in a tumble assisting say clever sales in a second half of a year, according to marketplace investigate association Canalys.

Adding support for Android apps is a tactic that’s been attempted with churned formula by a likes of BlackBerry on a smartphones. The advantage Pebble has is that smartwatch apps are distant reduction modernized than smartphone apps, and therefore direct reduction of a underlying platform.

The subsequent 12 months will make or mangle a smartwatch market, with a attainment of a Apple Watch in Apr among a most-anticipated product launches.

“The Apple Watch will be instrumental in holding a wearables marketplace to a subsequent turn of growth. If successful, it’ll emanate a rising waves that will lift a whole market,” pronounced Ben Wood, arch of investigate during CCS Insight.

But a flip side of that is if sales of a Apple Watch destroy to accommodate expectations, it could harm a whole smartwatch market. What Pebble has in store for a year stays to be seen, though a association is operative on new products and a new program platform to stay relevant.

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