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Pebble Time Round review: A prettier pattern comes with tradeoffs


Earlier this year, Pebble expelled dual new smartwatches: The Time and a Time Steel. Both underline tone e-ink displays, an updated “Timeline” interface, support for voice replies, and a new appendage pier that promises to boost a watch’s functionality over time by third-party “smart straps.” But dual watches wasn’t adequate for Pebble. In September, a association denounced nonetheless another new model: a Pebble Time Round. As a name suggests, it’s fundamentally usually a round chronicle of a Time, and will be accessible in stores starting Nov 8th for $249. It’s also thinner, lighter and a tag comes in both 14mm and 20mm widths, creation it ideal for smaller wrists. But with this some-more select demeanour comes a integrate of concessions: it has many shorter battery life than a predecessors and isn’t scarcely as water-resistant. The Time Round is, nonetheless a doubt, a best-looking device a association has ever put out, nonetheless those tradeoffs relieve a value considerably.


The Pebble Time Round is nonetheless doubt a many superb smartwatch Pebble has ever made. It’s slim, lightweight and fits smaller wrists well. Unfortunately, that select pattern comes during a cost: It has distant shorter battery life than prior Pebbles and we can no longer go swimming with it. Seeing as how we can get a some-more feature-rich watch for around a same price, we especially suggest a Time Round for people who caring some-more about character than substance. 


Review: Pebble Time Round

One of a initial things we beheld about a Pebble Time Round is that it looks and feels roughly accurately like a unchanging watch. Even nonetheless we favourite a character of a Time and Time Steel, their block faces and rather thick framework still tricked their smartwatch roots. The Time Round, on a other hand, looks uncelebrated from many other wristwatches. In particular, a 38.5mm hole watchface combines with those comparatively slim straps to make a device ideal for those with smaller wrists. Its slim 7.5mm-thick design, all-metal framework and well-spoken beveled edges also assistance make this feel like a reward device. Speaking of a sort, a default tag is done of leather, that we like, nonetheless we can opt for a steel bracelet for $50 more. The device is accessible in black, china and rose gold.

Perhaps a biggest downside of a Time Round’s pattern is that thick bezel surrounding a display. Unfortunately, that’s a box for all of Pebble’s watches since many of Pebble’s apps are usually designed for a 1.25-inch screen. Fortunately, a Time Round does offer a few opposite bezel options — there’s a white one with five-minute markers, for example, and a black one with three-hour markers — to supplement a bit of character and duty to an differently dull space.

As for that display, it’s a same tone e-paper shade as on a Time and a Time Steel. It’s positively not as abounding or colorful as brighter OLED panels, nonetheless it’s still ideally functional. You can adjust a liughtness all a approach from “Low” to “Blinding,” and we can also capacitate a ambient light sensor so that it’ll trigger a backlight usually when necessary. E-paper offers a integrate of advantages over normal LCD: The Time Round is many some-more clear underneath splendid sunlight, and a watchface is always on nonetheless carrying to crack a wrist and activate a screen. But while a Time and Time Steel touts a week or some-more of battery life interjection to a low energy mandate of e-paper, a Time Round is usually rated for one or dual days of battery life, thereby negating one of e-paper’s biggest advantages.

The rest of a Time Round’s pattern is matching to a Time and a Time Steel. The symbol on a left acts as a behind and backlight button, while a 3 buttons on a right are used to navigate by a watch’s interface. You can also map them as quick-launch shortcuts to certain applications if we press and reason down on them. Flip a watch around and you’ll find a integrate of charging pins that double as a intelligent appendage pier for third-party “smart straps” that supplement additional functionality to a watch. For example, we could get a intelligent tag that adds GPS, a heart rate guard or even additional battery life. we haven’t had a possibility to try them usually nonetheless (many of them are still in development), nonetheless a thought of a smartwatch removing improved over time interjection to additional smartstraps is flattering intriguing.

As with a other Pebble devices, we can also simply barter out a straps of a Time Round with other 14mm or 20mm options. It has a microphone for voice memos and voice replies, an accelerometer, a backlight and a moving motor.

While a Time and Time Steel are water-resistant adult to 30 meters and can be ragged while swimming, a Time Round can not. As Pebble puts it, a Time Round is usually “splash-resistant” — we can still get it wet, nonetheless it shouldn’t be submerged in water. The association also doesn’t suggest a Time Round be ragged in a shower. That competence not be a large understanding for some, nonetheless it could be a dealbreaker if you’re looking for a device to lane float laps.


The program in a Time Round is matching to that of a other Pebble watches, so if you’re already informed with Pebble’s new Timeline interface, there won’t be anything new here. But usually in box we need a brief refresher, I’ll go over a highlights.

The interface we have here radically arranges all of your events, notifications, reminders and news in sequential order. Pressing a adult symbol will let we demeanour during past notifications, for example, while dire a down symbol would offer a look during destiny calendar events. The thought here is that we no longer need to open an app to find out preferred information. So instead of rising ESPN to find out when a Warriors are personification next, we can usually look into a destiny to see that a diversion is scheduled for 7:30pm a subsequent day.

In sequence to implement apps and watchfaces on your Pebble (as good as get any arrange of notification), you’ll need to span a watch with a phone. To do this, simply download a Pebble Time app for Android or iOS and follow a instructions to span a watch. Not all apps will work with a Time Round right off a bat due to a round design, nonetheless we’re told that there are already 90 concordant apps and over 275 watchfaces, and we think that series will grow over time.

Other neat facilities embody a “Quiet Time” duty that lets we invalidate notifications on certain days or during times when we don’t wish to be disturbed. You can also set an alarm, capacitate or invalidate moving alerts, and select that app we wish for activity tracking (you can usually capacitate one aptness app during a time). As for what we can do when we accept an incoming content summary notification, that depends on what phone we have. If it’s an iPhone, a many we can do is boot a content message. But if you’re on Android, you’re means to respond with possibly a list of canned responses, an emoji or a commanded voice message. That said, we’re told that Pebble is operative on an iOS resolution too, so stay tuned for that.

Performance and battery life

The Pebble Time Round is a elementary smartwatch and as such, isn’t bogged down by a common litany of menu trees that have been famous to disease some-more difficult wearables. The opening is flattering well-spoken and we didn’t knowledge too many loiter when scrolling by opposite pages. The communication between a phone and a watch is flattering poignant too — whatever change we done on my handset was reflected roughly now on a watch.

It’s a Time Round’s battery life that is a biggest downside. One of Pebble’s many touted facilities opposite many of a product line is a prolonged battery life — a Time lasts about a week while a Time Steel squeezes out 10 days before wanting a recharge. Not so with a Time Round. In sequence to emanate such a thin, lightweight design, Pebble had to cut down a Time Round’s battery life to usually dual days during most. In my initial test, where we used a watch extensively with High brightness, we whittled down a Time Round’s battery life to 20 percent in usually underneath 24 hours. The subsequent day, we lowered a liughtness to Medium, and it wasn’t as bad: usually about 50 percent after 24 hours.

The competition

The Pebble Time Round’s biggest foe competence be a possess cousins. You can get accurately a same functionality in a Time and a Time Steel for a same cost or reduction — a Time Steel is $249 while a Time is around $199 (The bottom cost of a Time Round is $249). Sure those watches won’t be as skinny or light, nonetheless a battery life will be many longer and they’ll be many some-more water-resistant too. Basically, if you’re considering that Pebble to get, we have to confirm on either looks and character is value trade battery life and water-resistance.

Feature-wise, a Time Round doesn’t unequivocally review to other complicated smartwatches. It doesn’t have a reason shade or NFC or GPS and is so not utterly as strong as many Android Wear devices. That’s because a $249 pricepoint is a small problematic. For $30 some-more we can get a arriving Fossil Q Founder, while for $50 some-more we can get a latest and biggest Moto 360. Heck, we can even spend approach reduction for a decent Android watch — a ASUS ZenWatch 2 starts during usually $149.

And while a other Pebble watches can reason battery life as a large trump card, a Time Round doesn’t have that oppulance — it lasts maybe a day or so some-more than a other Android Wear watches, that isn’t that large of a disproportion to consequence losing all a other facilities too. Both a LG Watch Urbane and a latest Moto 360 final about a day, while a Samsung Gear S2 eked out about dual days before using out of juice. Indeed, a usually genuine advantage a Time Round has over these other Android watches is a slim, lightweight pattern and a intensity for those third-party intelligent straps.


The Pebble Time Round is a many superb smartwatch Pebble has ever made. It’s thin, light and comes in widths that would fit even a many slim of wrists. Its circular, all-metal framework and options for both leather and steel straps make this a device to behold. Yet, Pebble done poignant tradeoffs to grasp such a slim design. The reduced two-day battery life is a large blow; worse, it negates one of a few factors that done prior Pebble watches so unique. Designing it to be reduction water-resistant feels like a misstep as well. That wouldn’t even be such a large understanding if a Time Round didn’t cost $249, that puts it in a same cost category as some-more feature-rich Android Wear watches. In a end, a Time Round is unequivocally usually for those who wish a flattering smartwatch regardless of a compromises.

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