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Penguins’ Maatta to have medicine for thyroid tumor

PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Olli Maatta will bear medicine subsequent week to mislay a growth from his neck that has an 85-percent possibility of being a low-grade thyroid cancer, group alloy Dharmesh Vyas pronounced Monday.

Maatta has been privileged to play until his surgery, and is approaching to be in a lineup for any of a Penguins 3 home games this week. He has been one of a Penguins some-more fit defenseman this deteriorate personification alongside Kris Letang. Maatta has one thought and 5 points in 7 games, averaging 20:12 of ice time.

“I will contend that this news came out about 3 weeks ago, when Olli was initial finished wakeful of it,” Penguins ubiquitous manager Jim Rutherford said. “And to watch a immature male continue his life and play a approach he’s played has been positively amazing. It’s extraordinary that he can still combine and continue on. He’s kept this to himself.

“I know a integrate of his teammates knew about it, though during a same time, we can’t contend adequate about Olli, about how he’s rubbed this news.”

Vyas pronounced a Penguins design Maatta to make a full liberation and live a healthy life, with no wreckage to his career long-term. Maatta will approaching be means to lapse to a lineup within 4 weeks, Vyas pronounced in a press release.

Maatta, 20, is not approaching to bear deviation or chemotherapy, Vyas said. He pronounced a mass was found on Maatta’s neck during training camp, and Penguins manager Mike Johnston pronounced he suggested partner manager Gary Agnew to guard Maatta in Pittsburgh’s deteriorate opener opposite a Anaheim Ducks on Oct. 9, though that a defenseman “never blinked.”

“I didn’t feel any different,” Maatta said. “I felt a same as we did before and right now, we don’t feel any opposite than we did a year ago.”

Maatta pronounced he has been perplexing to find out as many information as he can about a cancer, though that he has not been overly concerned.

“Anything hasn’t unequivocally changed. we haven’t unequivocally been that worried,” Maatta said. “I’ve been articulate to a alloy a lot, a trainers, and perplexing to find out all we can about a cancer, though we know what? we know I’m going to be excellent and we haven’t been that disturbed about it since we know we have a good medical staff here and they’re going to take caring of me.”

Vyas pronounced Maatta would need 7-10 days to reanimate after a medicine before a Penguins will concede him to start operative out.

Vyas pronounced Maatta’s growth is not hereditary.

“You demeanour during Olli and his age, and your initial greeting is that he’s a immature guy,” Johnston said. “It’s kind of news that catches your exhale a bit … Olli has kept it still fundamentally from everybody. He’s talked to his family. I’d consider that in a sauce room, until a half hour before we met here, many of his teammates had no idea.

“We did as a coaching staff, and when we talked to Olli, a initial thing he pronounced was a same thing he pronounced to you. He said, ‘I feel fine. we feel a same as we felt before we was told this and we know I’m going to be fine.’”

UPMC medicine Dr. Eric Anish detected a growth during preseason physicals, Vyas said. Maatta underwent a array of “sophisticated DNA contrast after doing a biopsy on it, suggesting he had a decent possibility of carrying a cancer there,” Vyas said.

“Depending on what a growth turns out to be, if there are any additional things that need to be done, substantially do it during a finish of a season,” Vyas said.

Vyas pronounced thyroid tumors can be ordinarily found in immature people and Maatta’s was found during a elementary examination, where a mass was found on his thyroid, that resulted in additional contrast by ultrasound.

The Penguins will reason their Hockey Fights Cancer night Thursday when they face a Los Angeles Kings during Consol Energy Center.

“This isn’t something new to a Penguins,” Rutherford said. “Mario [Lemieux] has been by this and others, so this is a illness that everybody has been fighting for a prolonged time and will continue to fight, though it is rather mocking we’re announcing this about Olli this week.”

Maatta pronounced he wanted to keep his condition to himself and those tighten to him.

“I feel healthy and we feel fine,” Maatta said. “The usually thing that’s opposite is that now we know that we maybe have cancer. And we know what? That’s tough, though we don’t consider it’s influenced me much.”

Article source: http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=736356

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