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Penske foe trainer not astounded by passion toward Keselowski

Team Penske foe executive Travis Geisler says a classification isn’t bemoaning a excellent NASCAR levied conflicting motorist Brad Keselowski this week for his purpose in final Saturday night’s post-race dispute during Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Keselowski finished hit late in a competition with Joe Gibbs Racing teammates Matt Kenseth and Denny Hamlin, deliberately gathering into Kenseth on array highway after a race, unintentionally tagged Tony Stewart’s car, did a burnout in a Sprint Cup garage and afterwards intent in a earthy fight with Kenseth between group haulers after a 2003 Sprint Cup champion ran adult and grabbed Keselowski from behind.

NASCAR on Tuesday assessed a $50,000 excellent conflicting Keselowski, and a $25,000 excellent on Stewart — who corroborated into Keselowski’s automobile after Keselowski ran into him — though did not take points divided or emanate any kind of punishment on Hamlin and Kenseth, who were both concerned in a post-race mayhem.

Speaking Friday morning outward Keselowski’s No. 2 Penske hauler parked in a Talladega Superspeedway garage, Geisler voiced no vital emanate with a fine.

“Our biggest greeting is I’m blissful it’s Friday again and we’re during a new racetrack,” Geisler told FOXSports.com. “I cruise that’s a biggest thing for all of us is usually keep concentration forward. NASCAR apparently looks during all and they’ve kind of got a unenviable charge of perplexing to differentiate by all a things that went on and make some decisions on it. Obviously we honour their decisions.

“The tough partial is perplexing to demeanour during it and say, ‘What do we do for what happened? What do we do to try to forestall things in a future? How do we keep a competition as protected as possible?’ we cruise they try to do their best to take all that into consideration.”

Hamlin, who tailgated Keselowski by a garage final Saturday and afterwards had to be retrained from opposed Keselowski once out of his car, was not punished. Neither was Kenseth, who started a scuffle with Keselowski that eventually concerned members of both drivers’ teams — including Keselowski organisation arch Paul Wolfe, who pulled Kenseth divided from his driver.

So should NASCAR have penalized Kenseth and/or Hamlin for their actions, as well?

“I don’t have all a angles they had,” Geisler said. “I cruise when we demeanour during all a video and all things that they have, and pool all that together, they spent a lot some-more time on it than we did, so it’s kind of astray for me to decider that decision. we spend my time worrying about a competition cars.”

Geisler shielded a actions of Wolfe, who immediately jumped into a ravel when a sparring between Keselowski and Kenseth ensued subsequent to a No. 2 group hauler.

“You kind of cruise that your home turf,” Geisler said. “It’s your trailer, it’s your side in between your trailers, it’s a reserve conditions during that point. You’ve got somebody who’s physically aggressive another member of your team, and it’s kind of your requirement to step in and during slightest try to disband a situation. We unequivocally highlight that with all of a guys — don’t expand something, though you’ve got to disband it.

“Something indispensable to be finished to disband a situation, and we give him credit for usually perplexing to do that, and not sharpening it, not perplexing to take it to a subsequent level. Let’s usually get a people divided from any other and let cooler heads prevail.”

Like teammate Kenseth, Hamlin was mad with Keselowski after a race, and even suggested Keselowski — who is 10th among 12 Chase drivers — would expostulate fast this weekend during Talladega in an bid to make a Chase Eliminator Round.

“My theory is that he will substantially try to mutilate everybody — that’s his usually shot,” Hamlin said. “He’ll usually be out of control like normal.”

On Friday, Geisler seemed unsurprised to see Keselowski — a leader of 5 races this deteriorate — entrance underneath fire.

“Obviously this whole (Chase) scenario’s put everybody during a whole conflicting spin of highlight or vigour or whatever we wish to call it,” he said. “I cruise there are 12 guys that are positively in as most of a vigour cooker as we can put them. we cruise it’s usually like anything else — as shortly as somebody says something, it’s an event and a chance. Everybody has their opinions, everybody has their thoughts, everybody’s been concerned in conflicting scenarios, and we cruise it’s always engaging to hear people when they’re on a conflicting side of a silver and how they respond to it, contra when they themselves were on a conflicting side. And everybody has had their spin on a conflicting side.

“Some of a people that feel they need to pronounce out about it, they positively have a right to do that. All we can do is continue to go on and competition as tough as we can. we cruise a success that Brad’s had (in 2014) is positively … we know, a brightest tuber attracts all a bugs. That’s kind of a approach it works.”

As for Keselowski’s mindset streamer into Sunday’s final Contender Round competition during Talladega, Geisler believes a 2012 Sprint Cup Series champion is focused on a charge during palm — not what happed during Charlotte.

“That’s what those guys do best,” Geisler said. “He’s finished it his whole career. Just like any driver, we have ups and downs and we have formidable weeks and some weeks that are great. we cruise he’s finished a illusory pursuit via his career during staying focused. We were usually contrast yesterday during Martinsville and we’re there and a team’s handling as normal. That’s substantially a best thing is usually removing behind to a racetrack and removing behind to work.

“Anybody can make as most play as they wish about it, or not, though a bottom line is we all walked in this morning in a gates usually like always, and we’re all going to go racing and we’re going to do a best pursuit we can to be protected and run adult front.”

VIDEO: Matt Kenseth jumps Brad Keselowski following competition during Charlotte

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