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Planned Space Telescope will Improve Photo Quality by 1000 X


(Photo : NASA) The Aragoscope can be used to grasp a diffraction extent formed on a distance of a low cost disk, rather than a high cost telescope mirror.

Astronomers from a University of Colorado Boulder have due a new space look-out that will take high fortitude photos 1,000 times improved than a Hubble Space Telescope.

This new orbiting look-out will constraint images of space and over that are crook and clearer as against to those taken by a Hubble given 1990.

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Called a Aragoscope, a space telescope will include of a telescope placed behind an ambiguous hoop measuing half a mile in diameter. This special hoop will be built from a element identical to cosmetic and will be unfolded in space.

Light from a apart aim will be filtered around a hoop that will form a diffracted picture focusing on a executive point. The outcome is a high fortitude image.

Aragoscope, that will be utterly light in weight, also presents opportunities to launch observatories into space during a most reduce cost. The designed James Webb Telescope is staid to be a inheritor to a Hubble space look-out and will be launched in Oct 2018. This system, however, is extremely heavier than a Aragoscope.

According to Anthony Harness from a University of Colorado, a lighter telescope and a bigger structure can furnish aloft resolutions. The Aragoscope is a insubordinate step towards bigger space telescopes.

The plan to build Aragoscope has been postulated US$100,000 appropriation by NASA. The Aragoscope team, however, is now seeking an additional US$500,000 from NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts program.

The Aragoscope was named after French physicist Dominique François Jean Arago who initial identified a routine of diffracted light waves tortuous around a disk.

If a due plan gets a funding, a Aragoscope will be means to constraint images of a eventuality horizon, that is a indicate in black holes where nothing, not even light, can return.



Article source: http://www.chinatopix.com/articles/35163/20150201/new-space-telescope-funded-by-nasa-is-sharper-than-hubble-by-1000-times.htm

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