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Pogue’s Automotive Annual Picnic Brings Crowd

Charles W. Riley II, SurfKY News

POWDERLY, Ky. (8/15/14) — Pogue’s Automotive Annual Picnic brings out a Greater Muhlenberg Chamber of Commerce throng along with family and friends Thursday, Aug. 14 during a Muhlenberg Ag Center in Powderly.

The cruise module focused on Muhlenberg County Schools and some of a high-achieving students and teams.

Leading a party for a dusk were Hope Mohon, a sophomore during Muhlenberg County High School; Hannah Brown, junior; and, Melanie Smith, teacher.  The 3 performed  strain and dance number, and Mohon and Brown achieved solo acts.  

The Muhlenberg County State Championship Fishing Team were also recognized. The group is a initial state champion group from a county given Muhlenberg North and Muhlenberg South consolidated.  The coaches remarked on how tough a group worked and a prolonged hours it took to win a championship.

The prominence concentration was on a Muhlenberg Counties Archery Team.  At only 2 years old, a group trafficked to a World Archery Championship in Wisconsin fixation 13th in a world.  The manager remarked on a tough work of his group and a conspicuous feat in such a brief duration of time.

Charles Riley
SurfKy News Reporter
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