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Politics staff reorganizes forward of 2014 midterms, 2016 election

Announcement from National Editor Cameron, Deputy National Editor Anne Kornblut, and Senior Politics Editor Steven Ginsberg:

We’re vehement to announce several vital changes on a National Politics staff that will improved position us for a entrance elections and accommodate a continued expansion of a staff.

The many important change is that we are instituting dual new deadlines for craving – geared to spontaneous Sunrise and Noon editions – and cutting turnaround times for violation news files. At a same time, we will work to urge a display in imitation of a best of what we do on a digital platforms.

To perform this elaborating goal and accommodate a final of a domestic calendar, we are rearranging a modifying structure.

Terry Samuel, who has led a top-notch coverage of Capitol Hill, will turn Washington Editor, with shortcoming for a White House and Congress. Dan Eggen will pierce his unrestrained and apt modifying skills to a newly combined purpose of Campaign Editor, that will put him in assign of a coverage of 2014 and 2016. Vince Bzdek, who creates all occur on a politics desk, will turn Day Editor, with an stretched organizational purpose that includes overseeing what elements of a digital news turn partial of a mobile and imitation products. Peter Wallsten will continue to be a force as Enterprise Editor. And we are in a routine of employing an additional editor who will lead coverage on a blogs, generally Post Politics and GovBeat.

We’re also really vehement to announce changes to The Fix that will make it even some-more of an indispensable end for fans of politics.

Leading a way, as always, will be Chris Cillizza — a journalistic colonize whose prevision has been endorsed each time someone else tries to embrace what he started with The Fix. Chris will again set a gait with a bigger, improved site that is reduction tied to a news, provides sharp, engagingly presented research and creates people consider differently about what they suspicion they knew about politics.

Aaron Blake, who has finished stand-out work on Post Politics, will assistance approach and revise coverage on The Fix, while stability to author his possess research of politics by data. Two new stars of The Fix — Jaime Fuller and Philip Bump, who both pierce witty, improvisational and worldly approaches to domestic stating — will continue to beauty a blog. The Fix is also in a routine of employing dual additional reporters.

Post Politics will take on a regenerated goal as a primary end for news and imagination from opposite a domestic staff. Post Politics will be anchored by Sean Sullivan, who will continue his glorious coverage of congressional campaigns; Katie Zezima, who has already done a symbol on a White House beat; and Wesley Lowery, who has combined abyss and extent to a coverage of Capitol Hill. Those, however, are not a usually bylines that will fill a blog. We pattern a whole domestic staff to frequently minister news, amour and imagination from their beats.

We’re happy to announce a further of a span of developers to a politics staff. Matt Nelson and Peter Pezon will concentration their estimable talents on formulating a array of pointy and revelatory features, along a lines of The Monkey Cage’s recently launched Election Lab, that they helped build.

Masuma Ahuja will take on an stretched purpose as a primary relationship between a politics group and a developers, and work with a pattern and growth teams to prognosticate and build a midterm and 2016 efforts.

We have already begun implementing many of these changes; they will go into full outcome Jul 21.

This is an intensely sparkling impulse for a National Politics staff. These stairs will supplement movement to efforts prolonged underway and capacitate a best domestic staff in America to pierce with all due promptness toward fulfilling a estimable ambitions.

Article source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/pr/wp/2014/07/02/politics-staff-reorganizes-ahead-of-2014-midterms-2016-election/

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