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Pope Francis’ Easter mass addresses violence, chief deal

“Cari fratelli e sorelle, Buona Pasqua.” 

TRANSLATION: ”Dear brothers and sisters, Happy Easter,” Pope Francis pronounced Sunday.

Despite a damp, stormy Sunday, tens of thousands from around a universe collected during St. Peter’s Square to hear Pope Francis’ annual Easter Sunday mass

Easter Sunday, Apr 5, 2015 photo

Franco Origlia

The pontiff expressed deep grief for recent violent acts around a world, mentioning attacks in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, nations in Africa and others. (Video around Euronews)

Specifically, Pope Francis mentioned the nearly 150 people who were shot and killed Thursday during an Al-Shabab raid of a Kenyan university. Many were killed because of their Christian faith. (Video around The Christian Broadcasting Network)

“Witness contend a gunmen dismissed indiscriminately during first before commencement a lethal impetus from room to room, perfectionist to know if those inside were Muslim or Christian. Police pronounced some Christians were shot on a spot,” CBS reports.

Francis also prayed for assent in Ukraine where fighting continues notwithstanding a cease-fire concluded to months ago.

In a certain message, Francis praised the recent U.S.-led nuclear understanding with Iran struck in Lausanne, Switzerland, this past week. 

“Today, we have taken a wilful step,” European Union unfamiliar affairs arch Federica Mogherini pronounced during a press conference. (Video via C-SPAN

Francis said, ”In hope, we entrust to a kind Lord a horizon recently concluded to in Lausanne, that it might be a decisive step toward a some-more secure and fraternal world.”

While Francis’ praise was comparatively nonspecific, any regard for a understanding contradicts a views of many Republican politicians. 

And Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu takes that critique a bit further.

“No one is seeking Iran during all in this understanding to stop a charge in a segment and a calls to destroy Israel,” Netanyahu pronounced on CNN.

The pope’s comments come only a few months before he’s set to visit Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia in September, his initial U.S. trip since he was inaugurated pope in 2013.

This video includes an picture from Getty Images and song from Chris Zabriskie / CC BY 4.0.

Article source: http://www.ajc.com/news/news/national/pope-francis-easter-mass-addresses-violence-nuclea/nknMW/

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