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Pope Francis to revisit Cuba in September, Vatican announces

Pope Francis will revisit Cuba before nearing in a United States in a final week of September, a Vatican pronounced Wednesday.

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The Vatican spokesman, Rev. Federico Lombardi, reliable a Cuba leg to reporters though didn’t yield sum or dates.

Francis has been credited with assisting a United States and Cuba strech their ancestral truce final Dec by essay to a leaders of both countries and carrying a Vatican horde their delegations for a final negotiations. Francis’ revisit to Cuba would be a approach for him to pull a routine forward.

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He is scheduled to revisit 3 U.S. cities starting around Sept. 23. He is to residence Congress and accommodate with President Obama during a White House in Washington, residence a United Nations in New York and attend a church convene for families in Philadelphia.

Francis will turn a third pope to revisit Cuba. In 1998, Pope John Paul II pronounced during his revisit that Cuba should “open itself adult to a world, and might a universe open itself adult to Cuba.”

Pope Benedict XVI followed adult with a 2012 outing during that he uttered a Vatican’s long-standing position that a U.S. embargo opposite Cuba was unfair and usually harm a many exposed on a island.

Francis also has oral out opposite a U.S. embargo while also condemning socialism.



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