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Poster for Star Wars VII? No, Just a Space Station Crew

This isn’t a new Star Wars film you’re looking for. But it is a central print for a International Space Station’s Expedition 45 crew.

The 6 Jedi accost from a U.S., Russia and Japan, and a Star Wars thesis is usually one of many Hollywood and show-biz spoofs NASA has done. From Star Trek and Harry Potter to “Gangnam Style” and “All About That Bass,” a group isn’t bashful about creation cocktail enlightenment references. Expedition 42, appropriately, modeled a print after “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to a Galaxy,” Douglas Adams’ classical sci-fi saga. All those posters are available for we to peruse here.

Expedition 45, or rather “Expedition XLV: The Science Continues,” will underline a initial yearlong chateau by a organisation on a International Space Station, yet that won’t compare a record set by Valery Polyakov, a cosmonaut who spent 438 days aboard Russia’s Mir space hire in 1994-1995.

On a print are, clockwise from tip left: Russian cosmonauts Mikhail Kornienko, Sergei Volkov and Oleg Kononenko, NASA astronauts Scott Kelly and Kjell Lindgren, and Kimiya Yui from a Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. (CollectSpace says a thought for a print was reportedly Lindgren’s.)

Kelly and Kornienko will be streamer to a space hire in Mar to start their year in orbit. Kononenko, Lindgren and Yui will come aboard in May. And Expedition 45 strictly starts in Sep when Volkov rounds out a Jedi Council.



—Devin Coldewey

Article source: http://www.nbcnews.com/science/space/poster-star-wars-vii-no-just-space-station-crew-n305481

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