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Putin Says Deadline to Pay for Gas Isn’t Linked to Ukraine Vote

Russia wasn’t deliberation a date
of designed elections in Ukraine when it set a deadline for its
neighbor to start profitable for healthy gas supplies, according to
Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“We don’t tie economics to a domestic routine in
Ukraine,” Putin pronounced in an talk on state-run television’s
“Vesti With Sergey Brilev” module promote today, according
to a twin supposing by a president’s office. “It’s just
that we were ostensible to be paid on Apr 7 for gas delivered in
March. We weren’t, and I’ll contend it again, that’s $525 million.
We got nothing.”

Ukraine’s gas bill, that Putin says has reached $2.2
billion, threatens to criticise stairs toward easing tensions
agreed on by unfamiliar ministers from Ukraine, Russia, the
European Union and U.S. in Geneva this week. Putin set a one-month deadline on Apr 17 during a televised call-in show,
where he took questions from a public. Ukraine’s presidential
election is scheduled for May 25.

“We don’t wish to criticise a Ukrainian economy or raise
any questions about a trustworthiness of movement reserve to
Europe,” Putin said. “We’re job on European countries, on
all countries meddlesome in ancillary Ukraine’s economy, to
help Ukraine take stairs to financial a budget.”

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