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Qualcomm says don’t fear a Snapdragon 808

The LG G4 uses a Snapdragon 808, a tiny step down from a Snapdragon 810.
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Qualcomm’s top-of-the-line Snapdragon 810 chip has had a severe start given it strike a marketplace early this year, with Samsung dumping a processor from a flagship Galaxy S6 and determined rumors that a chip overheats.

With all that negativity surrounding a 810, attention observers can’t be blamed for wondering because LG — after regulating a 810 in another new smartphone — motionless to use Qualcomm’s somewhat obtuse Snapdragon 808 in a G4 smartphone, that was denounced Tuesday.

However, a preference to go with a 808 was staid good before a 810 dustup began, Tim McDonough, Qualcomm’s conduct of marketing, pronounced in an interview, as he sought to revoke any concerns that LG was walking divided from a 810.

“The decisions on that chipsets to put on that handsets come from over a year ago,” pronounced McDonough, who refuted a overheating rumors about a 810, as Qualcomm executives have finished before.

Qualcomm, a world’s largest mobile-chips maker, mislaid hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and took a strike to a repute when Samsung opted opposite regulating Qualcomm’s highest-end chip in a new flagship Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge phones. Despite that snub, a 810 stays a vicious chip for Qualcomm, and it has heavily promoted a 810 — and not a cheaper cousin, a 808. Because of that, Qualcomm now is attempting to equivocate conjecture that LG — a vital partner — competence have changed divided from a 810.

Showing only how poignant a 810 is to Qualcomm’s stream cycle of new handsets, a association came out with a matter in February that enclosed half a dozen vital handset makers — including Microsoft, Motorola Mobility, LG and Sony — charity their support for a 810 and observant they will use it in arriving devices.

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The 810 and 808, introduced during a same time final year, are really similar, reaching a top-tier of Qualcomm’s chip line. One important difference, though, is a 810 has a speedier octa-core processor while a 808 has a six-core processor. Few consumers, though, are expected to notice that speed difference. LG might be means to use a cheaper chip to revoke a cost on a G4, that could concede LG to make a phone some-more appealing to a mass marketplace audience.

“They’re really most cut from a same cloth,” McDonough pronounced of a dual chips.

So, because a 808?

McDonough pronounced a lot of a preference on a 808 had to do with schedules. The 810 would be accessible first, so was selected for LG’s curved-screen G Flex 2, that was introduced in January. LG afterwards had a choice to collect between a 810 or a 808 for a G4, that is a initial smartphone introduced regulating an 808.

Although McDonough declined to plead pricing for a G4, a cheaper 808 gives LG some-more coherence to possibly slot some-more distinction or revoke a cost to consumers.

While Qualcomm hasn’t oral most about a 808 adult until now, it pronounced some-more inclination regulating a 808 should be entrance after this year.

Article source: http://www.cnet.com/au/news/qualcomm-says-snapdragon-808-picked-for-lg-g4-over-a-year-ago/

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