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Rackspace beats gain expectations, cloud services going strong

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Rackspace has announced a financial formula for a third entertain in 2014, display improved than approaching results. The association is usually approaching to grow, nonetheless it is confronting augmenting foe in a cloud computing market.
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Rackspace’s financial formula for a third entertain in 2014 uncover a better-than-expected burst of 18.3 percent in income from a same time final year.

Revenue in a entertain was $460 million, adult by 4.2 from a prior quarter. Net income was adult by 4.4 percent from final entertain and 16.1 percent from final year.

“We are gratified with a handling opening this entertain and speedy by a movement we are saying in a business,” said Taylor Rhodes, boss and CEO of Rackspace. “We are staid to gain on a large event forward in a managed cloud market, where we see augmenting direct for a managed services and expertise. And while we done clever swell this year, we’re dynamic to ceaselessly urge a execution and seize a future.”

The association also saw an boost in a series of servers, adult to 110,453 from 107,657 servers during a finish of a final quarter. Revenue per server also went adult to $1,405 per month from $1,375 final quarter.

Rackspace announced it is a member of a Microsoft Cloud OS Network, charity a Fanatical Support use to Windows Server with Hyper-V, System Center and Azure Pack. Corporate business will now be means select to horde apps on Microsoft clouds with hybrid connectors to Azure and Rackspace’s servers and open cloud.

“We had left a Microsoft-centric business in a dim or forced them into some-more of a VMware-oriented approach,” said Jeff DeVerter, ubiquitous manager of Microsoft Private Cloud during Rackspace.

The third entertain was a bustling one for Rackspace. At a start of September, Rackspace was set to be acquired by possibly a corner try or by another company. Despite this, a association announced a few weeks after it was dedicated to remaining independent. At a same time a association announced Taylor Rhodes will be a new CEO, and that co-founder Graham Weston is chairman.

Rackspace has also been certified by a house of directors to buy behind adult to $500 million of batch over a subsequent dual years.

The association expects to continue growing, with approaching income in a fourth entertain attack between $469 million and $476 million. On average, analysts are awaiting $476.5 million, however. This foresee includes a $5 million impact from fluctuation of unfamiliar currency.

Rackspace is confronting augmenting foe from companies like Amazon, Google and Microsoft. The cloud attention in ubiquitous is confronting augmenting competition, with companies expected shortly charity total giveaway storage in a “race to zero.”

Article source: http://www.techtimes.com/articles/19986/20141111/rackspace-beats-earnings-expectations-cloud-services-going-strong.htm

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