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Randolph Automotive Servicenter has new look, same owner

Randolph Automotive Servicenter has a new look. Gone is a aged building that housed 3 businesses: a correct shop, preference store, and gasoline station. In a place are a new 3,740-square-foot correct emporium and a apart 2,880-square-foot gas hire and store, a $2.5 million project. But there’s zero new about a ownership: The Alexopoulos family is still during a helm of a business started by Greek local Christos Alexopoulos in a 1950s and now run by his son and daughter-in-law, William and Alexandra. We spoke to Alexandra Alexopoulos for this story.

Q. Didn’t a business have some-more than one site?


A. We had adult to 5 locations during several times, though when a son and daughter were immature we motionless it was some-more profitable to spend time with them, so we sole off all though a strange one. Our son, Chris, works a correct emporium counter, so that’s a third era of a family business.

Q. Why did we do a renovation?

A. As a business grew, we knew that in doing a restoration all 3 businesses in one building wouldn’t work. We had 6 correct bays in a aged building, and a new one still has six, though there is so most some-more room to move. Before, 3 bays were behind a other three, so if a automobile in front was restraint a one in back, a patron had to wait until a front pursuit was finished to get out.

Q. What else is new in a correct building?

A. We have giveaway Wi-Fi, and a watchful room went from a little space to one that’s 22-by-18 feet. We also have a 24/7 key-drop system; a patron lets us know they’re dropping off their car, and can leave a pivotal any time of a day or night in a secure drop.

Q. What are a hurdles of regulating a business?

A. Staying stream and good educated, that’s key. Technology has altered a lot and we keep adult to it. We used to spend a ton of income on manuals, though now use a ALLDATA Repair computerized complement for diagnosis. And we use a computerized use author program; if a patron needs support of aged repairs, we have it. We also trust in regulating usually high-quality parts; cheaper isn’t always better. We won’t sell used tires; a business are some-more profitable than a $30 they save. We wouldn’t have lasted some-more than 55 years if we felt any other way.

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Article source: https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/regionals/south/2015/11/18/randolph-automotive-servicenter-has-new-look-same-owner/UhUbMJeNTKgncq9G8yuXKO/story.html

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