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Raptors empty 3s on Lakers in 102-91 win

LOS ANGELES_The Los Angeles Lakers tripped over a new approach to remove – a three-point line.

They couldn’t seem to locate a Toronto Raptors anywhere behind it, examination again and again as if a tiny wall prevented them from fortifying over 23 feet and 9 inches.

The Raptors were excellent with it, holding 33 three-point shots (a lot) and creation 15 of them (also a lot) in a 102-91 feat Friday during Staples Center.

Kyle Lowry done 7 of 11 all by himself and a Lakers fell to 2-10. They haven’t been this bad by a dozen games given 1957. They were still in Minneapolis.

This was too bad for a Lakers. Two of their immature players had really good descent showings though a post-game gibberish was about some-more bad defense. And some-more losing.

“They only got lax approach too most on a perimeter,” Lakers Coach Byron Scott said.

Kobe Bryant didn’t do most after 5 days of rest between games, including a stay-at-home day Monday while a Lakers got blown out in Phoenix. He had 10 points Friday on five-for-13 sharpened in a season-high 37 minutes.

Julius Randle, however, had 18 points and 12 rebounds notwithstanding a tiny hitch of nausea. D’Angelo Russell showed an noisy side with 17 points and 3 assists.

Russell’s detonate came 90 mins after Scott minute his mentoring devise for a 19-year-old. The brief chronicle could be summed adult in dual words: tough love.

“I’ve got to provide him like a man. And he’s got to learn,” Scott said. “Sometimes that competence be a small harsh, though as we told a guys final week, a NBA stands for ‘No Boys Allowed.’ It’s a man’s game.”

Then Scott showed a softer side.

“But we know his situation. we know how immature he is, so during times, I’ll go adult to him and give him a cuddle and speak to him about some of a things,” he said. “Other times, I’m going to let him try to figure it out.”

Many Lakers supporters wish some-more from Russell since a dual players drafted after him have shown copiousness of promise. Jahlil Okafor, taken third overall, is a hazard to measure 20 points each diversion for Philadelphia. Kristaps Porzingis, taken fourth by New York, scored 29 a other night opposite Charlotte.

Russell was active Friday, blank on a expostulate though attack a three-pointer and afterwards giving Jordan Clarkson a throw for an alley-oop layup. Then he had a good small pierce on a right side, removing Lowry to behind off with a conduct feign and pushing past him before pulling adult for a 10-footer.

Russell fans had other reasons for optimism: He scored on a brief curtain after gripping a round on a fastbreak; firmly stole a round from Luis Scola in a backcourt for an easy layup; and scored on a 10-foot pull-up after holding a behind-the-pass from Bryant.

He still had rookie moments, including a idle pass to Bryant above a three-point line that was stolen by Lowry and dunked during a other finish by DeMarre Carroll.

He’s training on a job.

“I attempted to be everywhere, a ball-seeker,” he said. “If we could climb in and get some steals and get early transition buckets and try to get in there and miscarry and do a same, it worked out well.”

Lowry had 25 points and 5 assists for Toronto (8-6).

“He’s an All-Star,” Russell said. “I try to learn something from each ensure in this league. From his perspective, it never looked like he was forcing a issue. The round only happened to find him each time.”

The Lakers wish to keep Bryant between 28 and 32 minutes, and Scott pronounced he kept him on a justice longer than approaching since a diversion was close.

But Scott added, “I worry about him now. Obviously after a game, we worry about it.”

It’s one of many things for a Lakers to worry about. The deteriorate is apparently headed nowhere and it’s not even December.

Article source: http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/nba/article45729183.html

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