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Readers share make-up and money-saving transport tips

Thinking about going on a outing is exciting. For many of us, removing prepared is not. • There is an avalanche of decisions to make. How many shirts and pairs of pants? Which boots are a many comfortable? Checked container or carry-on? What kind of wiring to bring? How many income to take, and in what form should we get it? • Last month, we asked readers to share their transport tips, from ways to save income to make-up suggestions. What a quick garland we are — and infrequently picky and even a bit worried, generally about being ripped off. The reader who suggested that travelers should not go out during night lest they risk removing mugged, or worse, has had some terrible experiences, we am betting. • The suggestions reminded me of how differently we all demeanour during scheming for a trip, and how what’s critical to one chairman competence be left to possibility by another. For instance, Anita Faye Glock of Tampa never travels though flip-flops to use as slippers in a hotel, as service from walking boots that give her blisters and for trudging by soppy continue if it’s not too cold. we customarily transport with flip-flops if we consider I’m going to get a pedicure. Different strokes, as a observant goes. • Here’s a preference of other reader tips, all of that apparently come from experience.

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Janet K. Keeler, Times food and transport editor

What to bring

• An additional span of reading glasses. In Greece, they were accessible customarily by a doctor, not during drugstores like here in a States.

Linda Borgia, St. Petersburg

• When it’s comfortable during home though cold where we am headed, we use a carry-on-size parachute-nylon shoulder bag to store a coat. If we already have a carry-on, we can wait until we get to a confidence area to put on a coat, folding adult a carry-on and stuffing it into something else, afterwards clamp versa for a lapse trip.

Mary Hunt, Seminole

• Blue, black or what? Choosing a dominant tone for clothing on a outing can be a good idea. You can rotate a tops and bottoms easily. Sometimes we move mostly black, other times blue or brown.

Barbara Van Weelden, Hudson

• we have found a ideal present to give families that we competence be visiting: the Publix Earth Day themed cloth grocery bag. It has cinema of flamingos, palm trees, alligators and sunshine. Plus it is easy to pack. A few years ago in Lithuania, during lunch with a internal plantation family, we presented a stewardess with a bag, forked to a word “Florida” and said, “Florida, no snow.” In her singular English she forked to a alligator and replied, “Lithuania, no crocodiles!”

Sandra Howsare, Brandon

Buy adequate wardrobe for a outing from preservation stores. Discard wardrobe as it becomes unwashed or present it locally. This reduces washing solely for personal items. Voila! Empty container for purchases.

Carolyn Fishback (Similar idea from Diane E. Jones, San Antonio)

Shawls/scarves — nap for cooler places, lighter fabrics for warmer places. we use them for warmth, for blankets on a plane, to make a same tops demeanour different, and infrequently as pillows.

Joanne Farrell, Dunnellon

• we say a travel cosmetic/toiletry bag packaged and ready. This includes equipment during or reduction than 3 ounces. When we name cosmetics for home use, we squeeze two. This way, there is always a packaged cosmetic/toiletry bag prepared to go. This includes toothbrush, face cloths and scaled-down cosmetics. Select one, maybe two, neutral lipstick colors.

Ellen Buckley, Temple Terrace

• Pack tape and tiny flattened cardboard boxes of several sizes to strengthen souvenirs. we have also packaged plastic containers for a same purpose. If not needed, leave them during a hotel.

Lorraine Spicer, Clearwater

Money issues

• Always get a little internal banking before we leave home — generally small bills. Typically we will need to tip a sight or cab motorist before we strech a middle city and/or your hotel. Having smaller bills will forestall we from carrying to find out a change appurtenance in an airfield you’re not informed with.

Anita Faye Glock, Tampa

Last-minute cruises are customarily reduced by 50 percent and more. Alaska cruises seem to be one of a many frequently offering during reduce prices as a depart date nears. Trans-Atlantic cruises in open and tumble are mostly labelled good next a customary journey that originates and earnings to a same port.

Peggy Hammond, Spring Hill

• Do investigate before we go (driving or flying). Look to see if there are any dark gems that don’t cost a lot of income where we are going. National parks are some of a best deals out there. They frequency cost anything to enter, a sights are unbelievable, we don’t have to be a hiker to conclude them, and we will have torpedo cinema to uncover everyone. Sites like TripAdvisor are good resources given tangible people leave a reviews.

Gina M. Miller, Zephyrhills

• For family travel, hotels with breakfast included presumably in a daily rate or as a rewards amenity have saved us a lot of money. Hotel breakfasts can be unequivocally pricey, and anticipating internal spots to prove a family can be formidable and rubbish time when we wish to start sightseeing.

Lynda Barack, Tampa

• Traveling alone can be expensive. To save money, we eat one large dish midday. Morning can be a muffin or granola bar; evening, a soup or salad. we also transport off-season to take advantage of a reduce hotel and review rates. If we do your homework, we can find tours that do not supplement a “single supplement” fee, that saves considerably.

Sheila Strassburger, Clearwater

• We transport many everywhere. And yes, we can wear tennis boots — usually get black ones. They demeanour dressier and reduction obvious. (You are not perplexing to pass for a local; we are perplexing to sensitively mix in.) Take a internal transportation. It is mostly easier to use than here, and locals are fervent to assistance you. Over a years countless people have ridden with us over their possess stop usually to safeguard we got off during a scold spot!

Diane Schick, Clearwater


Roll adult underwear, socks, etc., and tuck them into parsimonious corners of your suitcase. They also work good inside shoes. Always wear a heaviest boots for transport instead of adding weight to your suitcase. we do use fanny packs. My shoulders do not support handbags; nor do we suffer carrying a purse on my arm. we cite carrying my hands and arms free. we unequivocally don’t caring what people think. we get to see more, and holding a complicated bag is not one knowledge we select to have.

Charlotte Sleczkowski, Tampa

• Get absolved of that soft-sided luggage. The new hard-sided bags are light and are easier to conduct given we can lift or pull them. They keep your garments from slipping to one side or a other and removing all wrinkled.

Judith Cherry, St. Pete Beach

• Before withdrawal home, we always put a integrate of dryer sheets in a luggage to keep a wardrobe smelling fresh. It’s extraordinary how prolonged a sheets final while traveling.

George Kloss, New Port Richey

• My father and we split a garments between a twin suitcases. This not customarily saves lugging, unpacking and repacking, though if one container is lost, we both still have garments to wear.

Mary M. Boyer, Belleair


• Your cellphone can save some additional packing! In further to thousands of transport apps, remember all a other things it can do for you. It substantially has an alarm clock. Many have clocks with twin settings that can uncover we what time it is in your home time section as good as internal time. Download a flashlight app. Download a white sound app to drown out sounds from other hotel rooms. Of course, it can lift your music, books, crossword puzzles or games. Plus transport guides!

Karen Lee, Tampa

• we always module my GPS before we transport given it saves time and arguments. If people don’t have a smartphone with a GPS app on it, we would advise shopping a unstable device. You can take it wherever we go (and let automobile companies assign about $13 a day for one). we put addresses for hotels, restaurants and attractions in there so that when we land/arrive, we usually daub “Go,” and we are on a approach though a hitch.

Gina M. Miller, Zephyrhills

• Scan a fronts and backs of all credit cards and other critical papers you’ll be holding with we (passport, driver’s license, etc.) and imitation a tough duplicate or save it as a PDF on your cellphone. Or use your cellphone to take cinema of all your credit cards and documents. If anything gets mislaid or stolen, you’ll know your comment series and what write numbers to call to news a theft.

Also from Karen Lee, Tampa

• A good approach to equivocate lines is to check out online transport forums. We schooled that if we requisitioned an opening sheet by a debate organisation we could equivocate a very, unequivocally prolonged line to get into a Vatican by going by a debate organisation line and afterwards going off on a own. (This was a same cost as a unchanging opening ticket.) We did something identical to get into a Coliseum and avoided that line.

Risa Shapiro, Seminole

More novel ideas

• Some people have no problem celebration from a paper coffee cups offering during hotel breakfast rooms. we cite to bring a ceramic coffee mop from home. We trafficked (by train) to Alexandria, Va., final year for a fun outing in Washington. We stayed during a hotel opposite a transport from that tiny sight station, and many people commented when they saw us on a conveyor with a possess coffee cups on a approach to breakfast. Several pronounced they wished they had brought theirs on a trip. we also move a integrate of cosmetic booze eyeglasses to use in a hotel.

Barbara Van Weelden, Hudson

Hotel showering caps make good covers to strengthen your boots (in a suitcase).

Linda Borgia, St. Petersburg

• Remove a cardboard tube from a hurl of toilet paper, afterwards run over a hurl with your car. The flattened hurl is easy to pack, and if a paper is needed, it’s priceless. If it is not needed, container some frail trinkets in a core for a outing home.

Sandra Howsare, Brandon, who takes a lot of trips with Overseas Adventure Travel (oattravel.com)

• we combined a spreadsheet listing all we could presumably wish on any trip. At a bottom is a list of things that we need to do before withdrawal a house.

Joan Strednak, Palm Harbor

• Put all a garments for any day in a plastic bag. Example: shirts, pants, underwear. You competence put a series on any bag to conform with a day of your trip.

Pat Seeley

Clear your wallet of nonessentials. Only take print ID/passport, credit card, transport membership cards, AAA label and word card.

Ellen Buckley, Temple Terrace

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