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Recon Jet launches with sports in sight, isn’t Google Glass [UPDATE]

More than twin years in a making, Recon Instruments has finally motionless to boat a Jet intelligent eyewear to a masses. During that time, notwithstanding a arise and contingent tumble of Google Glass, Recon has been intractable in a focus. This might seem like a opposition to Google’s possess intelligent spectacle, though a some-more focused use box could substantially save it from folding in a same way. Recon Jet has a eyes set, no joke intended, precisely on sports and health enthusiasts, calm with move timely opening stats, with a bit of fun on a side.

According to CEO Dan Eisenhardt, Recon doesn’t trust in ubiquitous purpose intelligent glasses, a transparent anxiety to Google Glass. Instead, it designed a Jet to do what a association does best: contracting record for sports use cases. To be some-more specific, Recon Jet was designed to supplement a bit of enjoyment, motivation, and maybe even plea to sports activities, quite using or cycling. Recon is contrast it to a outcome that a Walkman and a iPod had on athletes and aptness buffs.

That’s not a usually thing that Recon Jet is doing differently from Google Glass. For example, a high-contrast arrangement is located on a right side like Glass though next a user’s eye. Recon maybe believes this is a reduction distracting position for displaying data. Jet also doesn’t run Android though a Web-based height of Recon’s possess making [UPDATE: With full sum now available, it appears that a Jet's OS, named ReconOS 4.1, indeed has a foundations on Android]. That said, it can still bond with renouned iOS and Android apps for activity and information tracking.

Quick Nav - Shortcut Menu

3. Activity In Progress - Cycling

1. Map

1. Photo Mode

2. Text Received

The Recon Jet does have some pieces of Google Glass functionality, though usually where they make clarity and doesn’t go overboard. You do accept summary and call notifications though that’s usually about it. You can take photos or even record videos usually as simply and share them over a Internet. Whatever underline a Recon Jet has, it’s there in a use of sports activities and exercises.

Hardware-wise, a eyewear is powered by an vague twin core chip. It carries a possess GPS, Bluetooth, and a accumulation of sensors, so it can be used standalone but relying on a smartphone’s sensors. But some-more than that, it can bond to other health sensors and inclination as well, quite ANT+ ones, in sequence to broach an even some-more extensive research of a user’s opening and status. The Jet’s pattern is modular, definition users can barter out lenses and batteries to their liking. Control is delivered around a rocker symbol and a touchpad that can be used even when wearing gloves.


The Recon Jet intelligent sports eyewear will land this week on specialty sports stores as good as an Amazon, a latter accessible in a US only, with a cost tab of $699.

Recon Jet - Black Frame - Clear Lens

Recon Jet - Black Frame - Meteor Gray Lens

Recon Jet - Black Frame - Spectral Mirror Polarized Lens

Recon Jet - Black Frame - Yellow Lens

Recon Jet - Black - Left Angle

Recon Jet - White Frame - Meteor Gray Lens

Recon Jet - White Frame - Spectral Mirror Polarized Lens

Recon Jet - White Frame - Yellow Lens

Recon Jet - White - Left Angle

Recon Jet - White - Right Angle

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