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Reddit AMA of Microsoft: Give Internet Explorer Second Chance

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The Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) team urged the users to give second chance to the browser.

On Thursday, Microsoft IE’s developers and program managers joined the “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) chat on Reddit to persuade the users for giving a second shot for Internet Explorer.

The team also confirmed that they will be releasing IE12 with regular feature updates for the users.

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Changing IE’s name is also being considered by the team so it can distance the name of the browser from its bad image.

According to Net Applications, metrics vendor, Internet Explorer holds a 58 percent of user share among computer users who use a specific browser.

In January 2005, IE holds the most dominating share which is 89 percent while the second-place browser, Firefox, held only six percent share.

However, IE experienced a low point in December 2011 which only accounted 52 percent of user share. The long and steady decline on the user share originated from a decision of Microsoft to stop giving development to the browser.

Now, the Microsoft IE team wants to ask Windows users to give another shot for the browser.

“Often times the decision to not use Internet Explorer is largely based on experiences from a decade ago, and a much different IE. That being said, we know it’s our job to change the public perception, and to win the hearts of users everywhere. Each [person who] opens IE, and downloads another browser, is another person we’ll be working even harder tomorrow to win back,” argued Jonathan Sampson, one of the IE developers, on the Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA).

Other comments of AMA suggest that IE should consider renaming the browser.

Sampson said that it changing the name of IE has been a passion debate among his colleagues. A lot of ideas were coming in on how they are going to separate the browser from bad image which is no longer reflects the product these days.

“The discussion I recall seeing was a very recent one (just a few weeks ago). Who knows what the future holds?” he added.

Among the topics covered on AMA was the Microsoft’s decision to stop serving security updates for older IE versions as of January 2016.

The team also confirmed that there will still be new major versions for the browser in the future despite a news policy which offers new features in the regular updates to the browser.

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