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Redick Nash is one of top5 biggest indicate guards of all time

Clippers ensure JJ Redick played in usually 35 unchanging deteriorate games final year, and he knows how frustrating that was for him.

Redick feels for Steve Nash, who is traffic with a news that he’s out for a season — before it even began — with a behind injury.

“I feel unequivocally bad for him, but, he’s a man that extracted a many out of his career and out of his potential,” Redick said. “He’s one of the, probably, top-5 biggest indicate guards of all time. He’s an apparent Hall of Famer.”

Redick, who dealt with wrist, hip and behind issues final deteriorate — is elegant that a 40-year-old Lakers ensure has helped him given a dual have been on NBA teams in Los Angeles.

“(He’s) someone I’ve gotten to know final integrate of years. He’s been good with me,” Redick said. “I’ve picked his mind a few times. We had a small assembly before we went behind to Austin for a summer in May. He sat with me for an hour and a half let me collect his brain.

“I know how most he wants to play, that’s for sure. He done that really transparent to me and I’m certain he’s done that transparent to all a people around him how most he loves playing, and that’s where we feel for him. He’s a man that only loves to play. To not be means to do it is sad.”

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