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Remove politics from politicians

Posted: Sunday, Oct 5, 2014 4:00 am

Remove politics from politicians

By JOE HIGGINSMessenger editor

The Athens Messenger

I could be a politician if it weren’t for a politics.

At a core, politicians are meant to lead, assistance govern, make good decisions and generally assistance people and set a grounds for people to be means to live prolific and tolerable lives. To spin inaugurated in today’s society, however, it seems to be reduction and reduction about who we are and some-more so about who we know or with whom we are affiliated.

In a same breath, what also matters many is that we select a side … though it has to be presumably Democrat or Republican. The dual parties mostly paint dual sides of a same coin. Neither is sold immorality or antagonistic in a approach they act notwithstanding what one might contend about a other whenever given a possibility to do so and notwithstanding a unwashed politics both play presumably since they wish to or they feel they have to. Both wish to pierce forward, they only have opposite views on how to best accomplish a goal.

In my experience, a best ideas, programs, projects, etc. do not simply come from one approach of thinking. It takes mixed viewpoints from mixed angles to finish a idea successfully. Running a board, village, county, state or nation wholly with presumably red or blue politics doesn’t sound like a intelligent devise though ask any doctrinaire celebration member if they would cite it that approach for their side and an honest answer would substantially find for it.

But again, to be elected, we have to select a side. You can’t be purple since a reds will opinion opposite we since you’re not in their celebration and a blues will opinion opposite we since you’re not constant (or clamp versa). Even if your celebration agrees with we for holding a other side, they won’t opinion since afterwards they too won’t be seen as constant and afterwards they won’t be inaugurated either.

So, it becomes a change between being means to get into bureau (or stay in office) to be means to offer a people best and creation decisions while in bureau that will offer a people best though presumably repairs your ability to be inaugurated in a routine … so formulating a politics of being a politician.

Words spin some-more absolute than actions. Spins spin hackneyed and promises spin into excuses. It’s a universe we combined and a universe we live in. We a people, have no ability to change this approach of government, however. It has to come from those already elected.

So for what a worth, this is a call to all politicians and electorate to change a approach of thinking. Take a vigour off of celebration lines and elect those who can make a best decisions and those best competent for a position regardless of either they have a D or R by their name on a ballot.

Let’s see if we can get a politics out of politics.

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Sunday, Oct 5, 2014 4:00 am.

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