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Renesas Electronics Releases R-Car D1 Series of Automotive SoCs Specialized for 3D Graphics Clusters

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE:6723), a premier retailer of
modernized semiconductor solutions, currently announced a accessibility of
a R-Car D1 Series, as a initial member of system-on-chips (SoCs) in
a R-Car Family specialized for 3D instrument cluster systems.
Leveraging a low believe and imagination as a marketplace personality in the
automotive semiconductor marketplace (Note 1), Renesas is introducing a new
array to yield a well-spoken emigration trail for automotive system
manufacturers as some-more automotive systems are approaching to change to 3D
graphics instrument cluster systems in a nearby future.

As a use of tone LCD panels in instrument cluster systems becomes
some-more widespread, sign control and graphics arrangement are being combined
even in smaller and middle distance cars. The trend towards “gauge-less”
displays is already surpassing in high-end cars, where prominence and
comfort are desired, and attractive, easy to see displays regulating 3D
graphics on large, high-resolution panels are seen as one aspect of a
car’s individuality. In a future, arrangement distance and fortitude are
approaching to continue increasing, even in a graphics displays used in
low- to mid-end cars, along with a use of cluster systems that provide
3D graphics identical to that used in high-end cars.

However, for these systems to turn some-more mainstream a ability to
comprehend abounding existence picture arrangement that creates full use of 3D graphics,
a ability to arrangement a cluster shade fast during a same time as
a start-up of accessories, a ability to comprehend high reliability
that can forestall unapproved entrance from a outward to a complement to
invariably communicate accurate information of a instruments to the
driver, and a ability to raise a opening of a many
electronic apparatus units and communications systems used in a car
will all be required.

The R-Car D1 provides both a functionality and a opening to
overcome these issues and furthermore, given Renesas users can take
advantage of a R-Car Consortium ecosystem that consists of over 170
companies, they will be means to rise 3D graphics cluster systems
quickly. Renesas will foster a some-more widespread use of 3D graphics
systems by implementing this instrument cluster systems.

The Renesas R-Car Family of SoCs implements high-functionality human
appurtenance interfaces (HMI) for high-end automotive cockpit systems.
Renesas also offers sign control support by a RH850/D1x
microcontrollers (MCUs) that are also ideal for entry-level and
mid-range automotive systems.

Key facilities of a R-Car D1 Series:

(1) 3D graphics cluster systems can be
grown simply by auxiliary with Renesas partners

Although good view-ability and high-quality pattern are critical to
urge prominence and comfort in cluster systems with full graphics, at
a same time, for users with singular knowledge in 3D graphics
development, a time compulsory for growth is an impediment. Based
on Renesas’ endless knowledge building HMI solutions, along with
partner companies who have imagination in building graphics systems,
Renesas provides solutions that can simply demonstrate a images total by
a graphics engineer as a cluster system. This creates it easy for system
manufacturers to rise their possess 3D cluster systems.

(2) Enables fast startup for instrument
cluster systems

Instrument cluster systems need a fast startup so that, for
instance, immediately after a motorist opens a driver’s side door, or
during a same time accessories are starting up, a complement can instantly
arrangement a shade or outlay audio run during high speed. Renesas, along
with their partner companies participating in a R-Car ecosystem,
provides solutions that support high-speed complement startup, fast display
of scale and sign screens, and audio output.

(3) Driver reserve insurance and automobile hacking
impediment by a sustenance of organic reserve and confidence solutions

Since instrument cluster systems might means critical accidents should they
malfunction, it is preferred that, to yield a motorist with correct
information, these systems invariably guard either or not correct
information is being outlay and, should a malfunction start in the
system, a malfunction needs to be immediately detected. To implement
high-reliability systems, R-Car D1 supports a ISO 26262 customary for
automotive organic safety. Renesas provides a Functional Safety
Support Program to exercise functionally protected systems.

Furthermore, given it is compulsory to forestall hacking from outward the
complement to exercise protected and secure systems, a RH850 32-bit MCU that
includes hardware confidence functions can be total with a R-Car D1.
This creates it probable to erect systems that assure information robustness
and forestall hacking.

(4) Superlative complement coherence and palliate of
pattern done probable by a R-Car D1 ancillary a far-reaching operation of
communication and network types

The R-Car D1 includes a far-reaching accumulation of communications interfaces
compulsory in an instrument cluster system. Since a R-Car D1 supports
this range, including Ethernet AVB for tie with navigation
systems, USB to bond with intelligent phones, and CAN-FD to bond with
automotive infotainment systems, it supports greatest system
coherence and palliate of design.

(5) Development resources from a 2D graphics
cluster RH850/D1x can be applied

The RH850/D1M Group of MCUs can exercise both sign control and 2D
graphics arrangement with a singular chip and is already used in a far-reaching range
of cars. Since a R-Car D1 SoC includes a same 2D graphics complement as
that used in a RH850/D1M, complement manufacturers can make use of these
2D graphics growth assets, and rise 3D graphics systems for the
R-Car D1. Also, if sign control is required, complement manufacturers can
also mix a R-Car D1 with a RH850/D1M to exercise such systems.


Samples of a R-Car D1 Series are accessible now. Mass prolongation is
scheduled to start in Mar 2017 and is approaching to strech a volume of
100,000 units per month by Mar 2018. (Availability is theme to
change but notice.)

For some-more information on Renesas, follow Renesas Electronics America at
@RenesasAmerica on Twitter and http://www.facebook.com/RenesasAmerica.

(Note 1) According to marketplace surveys achieved by Renesas.

About Renesas Electronics Corporation

Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723), a world’s series one
retailer of microcontrollers, is a premier retailer of advanced
semiconductor solutions including microcontrollers, SoC solutions and a
broad-range of analog and energy devices. Business operations began as
Renesas Electronics in Apr 2010 by a formation of NEC
Electronics Corporation (TSE:6723) and Renesas Technology Corp., with
operations travelling research, development, pattern and production for
a far-reaching operation of applications. Headquartered in Japan, Renesas
Electronics has subsidiaries in 20 countries worldwide. More information
can be found during www.renesas.com.

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