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Report: Apple Prepping Electric Car

Earlier this month, Patently Apple discovered a patent released to “Apple Electric Car, Inc.” It was intriguing, though a obvious was given to a twin out of Miami, and a tech described in a obvious wasn’t accurately something Apple would release.

But while that obvious didn’t come from Cupertino, a group during Apple is apparently meddlesome in electric cars. Sources have told Reuters and The Wall Street Journal that Apple has “several hundred” employees operative on an electric car, famous internally as Titan.

This comes amidst reports that Apple is prepping a Street View rival after minivans leased to Apple, versed LiDAR sensors and cameras, were speckled pushing in Claycord, Calif. Others speculated a vehicles were self-driving automobile prototypes.

Whatever it’s testing, it stays to be seen if we’ll ever indeed see an electric automobile hurl into an Apple press event. Apple, like many tech companies, mostly experiments with technologies it never brings to market.


Nissan Altra

Sebring-Vanguard CitiCar

Toyota RAV-4 EV

Baker Electric

Still, according to a Journal, “the distance of a plan group and a comparison people concerned prove that a association is serious.”

The paper forked to talks with high-end automobile makers and Apple’s work with engineer Marc Newsom, who has knowledge with automobile design.

Though Apple has billions in a bank, a final large “revolutionary” product was a iPad in 2010, and even that has taken a hit in a final year. The Apple Watch is entrance adult in April, though many Apple watchers are watchful for Cupertino to come adult with something truly startling and dazzling.

Could an electric automobile be a ticket? The Journal pronounced a automobile plan has enticed many an Apple worker to sojourn with a company. Apple competence be on to something there; a new news suggested that Elon Musk and Tesla Motors have poached upwards of 150 Apple employees in new years.

Tesla, of course, is now one of a biggest names in electric cars. And it’s not opposite to a small competition. Last year, Tesla announced that it will not record any lawsuits opposite companies that wish to use a law record for electric vehicles. Tesla and Apple are not strangers, either. In 2014, Musk confirmed that he had spontaneous talks with execs during Apple, though he denied any merger plans.

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