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Report: Dodgers have MLB’s top payroll (and it isn’t close)

The Dodgers are holding a tip mark for another year… during slightest when it comes to Major League Baseball’s finances.

The Dodgers will have a tip payroll opposite a whole joining in 2015, floating divided a foe (including a New York Yankees) by during slightest $60 million, during $272 million.

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The tip 5 contracts on a Dodgers (per season)?

Clayton Kershaw ($31 million)

Zack Greinke ($27 million)

Adrian Gonzalez ($21 million)

Carl Crawford ($21 million)

Andre Ethier ($18 million)

Top rookie Joc Pederson will usually make $510,000 in 2015. Maybe buy him a splash if we see him around town?

Despite inhabitant ratings trending downward, ball looks to be in good shape, during slightest financially.

Besides this payroll news, the normal ball actor will make $4.25 million in 2015 with some honeyed perks like five-star hotels, franchised Boeing 767s and copiousness of money for your daily meal.

Other NL West teams weren’t accurately “poor,” either.

The San Francisco Giants came in fifth place ($172 million), a Colorado Rockies took 20th ($102 million), a San Diego Padres were 22nd ($100 million) and a Arizona Diamondbacks dull out multiplication teams in 24th mark ($91 million).

The group with a lowest payroll in a entirety of MLB? The Miami Marlins during $68 million.

At slightest Miami has a gorgeous, code new track (and city, for that matter) to call home, right?

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