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Report: Google has WhatsApp aspirant for Android One

Google’s Android One beginning is going to have a large impact in a rising markets, generally India. Those markets are only now starting to comprehend smartphones, apps, and a good things they move to a table. Those markets are also good behind when it comes to connectivity, that is reportedly call Google to build a follower app for that market.

According to The Economic Times, Google is building a really simple, candid app for messaging. After study a messaging app ecosystem in India, google has motionless their existent apps aren’t matched for that market, it seems.

The follower is being likened to WhatsApp, that Google reportedly unsuccessful to acquire progressing this year. The messaging use eventually went to Facebook for a towering $19 billion.

This new app won’t even ask that users dedicate to a Google login, as a association does with their other apps. It will be giveaway to use, like other renouned messaging systems in a region.

While some-more digitally grown tools of a universe suffer giveaway messaging with their plans, rising markets mostly aren’t so lucky. Apps like Viber or Line already have a foothold in a region, yet if Google can cobble their app in with Android One handsets, they’ll have worked their app onto a accumulation of handsets.

Still, Google’s efforts with messaging are perplexed during best. Hangouts and Google Voice/Talk is still a bit of a mess, and a transition was unpleasant for many.

Google’s efforts won’t have an evident impact. WhatsApp is still tops in a region, so Google will have to patiently wait for users to quit over, if they intend to. As a marketplace booms, and Android One becomes some-more fast and ubiquitous, Google will have a shot, though.

Source: The Economic Times

Article source: http://www.slashgear.com/report-google-has-whatsapp-competitor-for-android-one-03349032/

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