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Review: 3 Android phones that offer something different

New Android phones seem with regularity, yet distant too few of them unequivocally seem … new.

Sure, cameras keep removing improved and phones keep removing faster. For a many part, though, you’d be hard-pressed to singular out many new facilities that aren’t usually tweaks for a consequence of tweaking. Though manufacturers frequently customize Google’s Android program to set their phones apart, those alterations mostly usually make things worse by stealing facilities or violation some apps.

So it’s a pleasure to see 3 phones with surprising characteristics in their hardware – all expelled over usually 9 days.

BlackBerry’s initial Android phone is important for a earthy keyboard, while Motorola designed a shade to withstand cracking. LG’s new phone has dual screens and dual front cameras.

BLACKBERRY PRIV (available Friday by ATT for $740)

BlackBerry has struggled to make a BlackBerry 10 phone program a viable choice to Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android. While a association isn’t giving adult on BlackBerry 10, it’s also hedged a bets with a initial Android phone.

The new Priv has a earthy keyboard, a monument on Android phones these days. It looks like any other phone until we slip a keyboard out from a bottom, like a table drawer. It’s an engineering attainment given that a phone still feels thin, nonetheless it’s thicker than Samsung’s flagship phones and a iPhone.

Typing on Blackberry’s keyboard feels many improved than it did on a strange Motorola Droid in 2009. As my initial smartphone, a keyboard indication seemed safer given that we wasn’t sole on a touch-screen counterparts. But on-screen keyboards have grown on me, and a Priv’s earthy keyboard slowed me down. Friends who’ve attempted a new device, including former BlackBerry users, felt many a same way.

BlackBerry inclination are famous for their confidence and remoteness protections, and a association built some of those facilities into a Priv’s hardware. An app rates your device confidence formed on factors such as either you’ve enabled a passcode. This app also identifies other apps that squeeze personal information. we saw that Facebook has accessed my plcae 41 times in a past week, for instance.

Among other important features:

- The 5.4-inch shade is winding on both sides, identical to Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge devices. Slide a toolbar from a side to entrance your calendar, messages and contacts. The email app is also some-more worldly than most; it supports rich-text formatting, such as italics and colors, when component messages.

- BlackBerry offers icons that offer as shortcuts to visit tasks, such as component a message, observation alarms or checking information usage. Windows phones have a identical feature, yet like BlackBerry 10, few people use them.

- Battery ability is also aloft than many phones. BlackBerry promises 22.5 hours of churned use.

MOTOROLA DROID TURBO 2 (released Oct. 29 by Verizon for $624)

Motorola transposed potion with several forms of cosmetic to make a 5.4-inch shade shatter-proof. Most heading smartphones use chemically strengthened glass. But it’s still glass, and it will moment if it hits a tough aspect with adequate force.

The shatter-proof technology authorised me to do drifting things like leave a phone in a side slot while removing a massage. Sure enough, it fell out – yet a shade survived. It also withstood dual conscious drops on a petrify sidewalk, including once face down from waist height. One dilemma of a steel support was nicked, yet a shade stayed intact.

SquareTrade, a association that provides extended-protection plans, subjected a Droid to 10 drops from 6 feet on Thursday, yet found usually teenager dents to a screen. It afterwards ran a Range Rover SUV over a phone 10 times. The shade still didn’t shatter, yet tools of a arrangement incited black.

Motorola’s guaranty covers shade ruinous and enormous for 4 years. The association tested a phone to withstand drops from 5 feet on several surfaces you’d routinely encounter. Motorola combined backup hold capacitors so that a shade would still respond to hold even with some damage.

Don’t dump a phone from a five-story building, though. The shade competence not crack, yet other components could destroy – and a guaranty won’t cover that.

It also won’t cover scratches, that is a drag as cosmetic is, well, disposed to scratching. For that reason, a Droid Turbo has dual cover layers. The tip one is replaceable regulating a do-it-yourself pack that sells for $30. Take caring to keep a phone divided from keys.

The phone also has extended battery capacity, betrothed during 48 hours of churned usage. Using a enclosed charger, Motorola says we can get 13 hours with 15 mins of charging. The bigger battery does make a device thicker than many other phones.

LG V10 (available Friday by ATT for $700; expelled Oct. 30 by T-Mobile for $600 and Verizon for $672)

Above a regular, 5.7-inch arrangement is a little shade that’s about a distance of a pinkie bandage. It’s a dedicated presentation row that won’t problematic your categorical screen, yet notifications still disappear after a few seconds. The second shade also offers discerning entrance to settings, visit contacts and new apps.

That second shade is always on, permitting we to check a time and continue yet wasting your battery by lighting adult a categorical screen. You also get discerning entrance to a flashlight and camera, and playback controls for music.

The LG V10 has dual front cameras – one for unchanging selfies, and one with a far-reaching angle for groups. Other cameras do this by stitching together adjacent shots, identical to a panorama, yet formula can be scary if people move. Meanwhile, a back video camera offers a operation of primer settings, something phones typically shorten to still images, if they offer them during all.

These facilities don’t mount out as many as BlackBerry’s or Motorola’s, yet it’s good to see LG innovating.

Article source: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/review-3-android-phones-that-offer-something-different/

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