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Rob Bennett new owners of Case Automotive in downtown Woodburn

Rob Bennett, new owners of Case Automotive in downtown Woodburn, is looking to refurbish a full-service automechanic shop, while gripping a some-more than 60-year story in view.

“This place unequivocally has so most cold history,” Bennett pronounced final week, sitting in his bureau of a emporium during 175 S. Front St.

He pronounced a skill used to be a site of a blacksmith’s emporium in a 1800s, when a city initial started.

“It’s like, first, we bound your buggy, now we correct your car,” he said.

The correct emporium was founded in 1952 by Bud Case. Bennett pronounced that, besides him, it’s had usually 3 other owners: Jim Olsen, Tim Gilbert and Mike Sumner, who started as a technician there in a early ’90s and became owners in 2003.

Bennett pronounced Sumner, who is also concerned with a series of pro-business and use organizations, had been seeking a customer given he wanted to spend some-more time with family.

Bennett understands that. He has dual daughters — Hailey, 12, and Gianna, 9 — who have been pitching in around a bureau given their father took over a garage progressing this year.

“They’ve been kind of pulling me to do this,” he said. “They keep saying, ‘Dad, it’s so cold that we have your possess shop.’”

Bennett has lived in Woodburn for some-more than a decade, though a bulk of his veteran knowledge over a past 20 years has been in Sherwood, during a tiny mom-and-pop emporium like Case and a corporate franchise.

However, as a hobby, he’s been operative on cars given he was 16.

“It’s in my blood,” he said. “My grandfather worked on a Ford public line for 23 years.”

Even as a teen, his welfare has always been for a excellence days of prohibited rods and flesh cars. For him, that was a large partial of a interest of Case Automotive.

“I mean, 1952, that was, like, a golden age of cars,” he said. “Cars were cold then.”

The emporium came with dual bequest cars, a 1948 Plymouth and a 1950 Hudson, that Bennett joked were “the reason” he bought a garage. He pronounced he and a staff devise to revive a dual vehicles in their down time and use them to foster a shop.

While poking by a garage’s storage areas, Bennett pronounced he and his staff have found a lot of antique collection and other memorabilia from a ’50s, ’60s and ’70s, that he hopes to move behind to their former excellence and arrangement outward a emporium or in a watchful area.

He’s even combined a hold of a old-school to Case’s new, updated logo, that incorporates a form of a classical Hudson car.

“Everybody likes aged cars — that selected demeanour — so we’ll be personification that adult a bit,” he said. “That’s what got this place to where it’s at, so we wish to applaud that.”

Case Automotive boasts a staff of 4 full-time mechanics and does ubiquitous correct work. It offers a two-year tools and labor guarantee.

For some-more information, call 503-981-0136 or revisit caseautomotive.com.

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