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Roger Federer vs Novak Djokovic, Wimbledon final: live – initial set

DJOKOVIC* 4 FEDERER 3 Djokovic has got 9 initial serves in and won all
of them. We’ve had no mangle points as yet. Nothing even tighten to one on a
Djokovic serve.

DJOKOVIC 3 FEDERER* 3 A double error from Roger takes it to 15-15. Wins
a subsequent indicate simply and afterwards comes in behind a subsequent point. Unreturnable
serve. Roger competence be overdoing a offer and bombardment though, comes in behind
a subsequent one as good and Novak crunches a turn past him, bit of an open
suspicion indeed on that one. Roger takes a diversion no worries nonetheless usually an early
warning that he can't offer and bombardment willy-nilly.

DJOKOVIC* 3 FEDERER 2 Absolutely zero doing on a Djokovic serve,
power, accuracy, ease decisions. Rattles by a game.

DJOKOVIC 2 FEDERER* 2 Thunderous forehand from Djokovic wins a first
point, came so tough during Federer’s feet he could frequency get his pole down in
time. Serve and bombardment from Rog during 30-15, pleasant backhand pound gives
him that indicate and he closes out a diversion no problem. Over to you, Sophia

E-mailHard to call, substantially as I’m still removing over Jimmy Connors’ and Sue
Barker’s relating blue outfits. Sue contingency have been spitting nails when she
saw him. Jimmy looks like he got mislaid on a approach to a pantomime….
Anyway, we consider Novak will usually do it, nonetheless wish Roger to win usually one more

DJOKOVIC* 2 FEDERER 1 Novak takes that use diversion to love. Authority.

DJOKOVIC 1 FEDERER* 1 Roger has Djokovic scurring around a behind of
a justice on a initial dual points, that Roger wins in some style. An
beyond shot is too brief from Roger and Novak wins that. Now a superb
rally, smashing counterclaim from Djokovic and he eventually plays a neat drop
shot that takes it to 30-30. Roger can't finish a diversion off nonetheless and
there’s a initial deuce. Takes him far-reaching on a offer and kills a point
quickly, consider that is going to be critical for a comparison man. Unreturnable
offer seals it. Both players into a good things right away.

DJOKOVIC* 1 FEDERER 0 (* denotes server) Novak wins a initial diversion to
15, a initial integrate of points are long-ish rallies, all played from the
behind of a court.

14.08 Let’s get to it.

14.04 So where’s your money? Novak’s about 6/4 on during a bookies, Roger
11/8. in 2011, when Novak was so imperious, and final year when Roger’s back
seemed busted, who would have suspicion that we would be personification this final in
2014 and that it would be so tough to call.

14.03 Players are warming up. Novak won a toss and will serve. Arun

E-mailRoger federer will win currently he is in biggest form and he is personification some
assertive tennis.

13.58 Excellent striking from a BBC about Roger’s changing tactics
over a years

13.57 The referee currently is James Keothavong, hermit of former British
series one Anne.

13.56 Just needs someone environment adult a list right during a front for
Roger in Ray Liotta mode.

13.55 we unequivocally like this tracking shot that a BBC do as they follow
a players around a hall (?) and out onto a court. Goes on for
ages. It’s like Goodfellas or something.

13.52 Pertinent doubt from Kevin Berry

E-mailI consider this will have a vast temperament on who wins, for me open = Novak:
sealed = roger

Well, open as it stands.

13.50 Wimbledon always inspires copiousness of Brits into a one-a-year visit
to a legislature courts. Try these exercises to make a many of your game.

tutor Scott Laidler outlines 6 exercises that will assistance we urge your
tennis performance

13.47 John McEnroe shakes Jimmy Connors’ palm and says what an
preparation personification with him was, or difference to that effect. “What about
a rivalry? You’re creation us demeanour bad,” says Jimmy.

13.46 Prince William and Kate arrive. “They’ve been busy,”
determine Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe. They were during a Tour de France
yesterday, weren’t they? Nice work if we can get it.

13.44 Federer: “I am happy that we motionless to go down a highway of
operative impossibly hard, we consider that is what authorised me to start making
supernatural shots.” we consider that people mistake some of things he says
for arrogance. It’s not that. He usually infrequently finds himself awestruck by
himself, that is not a same thing.

13.41 Interestingly, Novak is behest to be a initial tip seed to win
Wimbledon given 2007, when it was won by one R Federer. Zack Goldring

E-mailI’m a outrageous Nole fan, nonetheless Federer in a final during Wimbledon? I’m fearful history
shows Nole low in his heart believes Roger is a improved actor – and so
does Roger!

13.38 McEnroe on a supercoach thing, says that “this is a really
good thing for Edberg. He lives in a tiny Swedish city with 4000 people in
it. There are 3 times as many in this court.” This is a new angle:
coaching Federer as a diagnosis for agoraphobia?

13.35 Interview with Novak, who has that scary reduction of pleasantness
and steely determination.

13.30 Jimmy Connors. My goodness. That blazer. He looks like a
children’s TV Johnny Cash.

13.22 Rishi interviews with turn boys, groundsmen now. Ah look, Sir
David Beckham. And now Matthew Syed’s doing a square about vigour that the
players face on Centre Court in a finals.

13.19 Richard K fancies Roger to win, he says. “Roger is a good
front-runner. Novak goes prosaic in a second set, he needs to eat some sugar
or something! He always gives his competition a chance.”

13.16 Boris looks utterly tense. He declines to go into a specifics of
what he has advsied Novak, satisfactory enough.

13.13 Djokovic has mislaid 5 of his final 6 Grand Slam finals.

13.10 Quality punditry from Krajicek, explaining how Edberg has got
Roger to squash out his backhand, as seen in prior match, and how this
can assistance to vigour Novak. we was enjoying that, nonetheless a TV coverage has now
cut divided to interviewing some celebrities about how they consider a match
will go. Sigh. It’s not competition unless Someone Famous is watching. Samuel L
Jackson initial and then, in fairness, some prior Wimbledon heroes,
including Rod Laver so we theory we will concede it, nonetheless we have beheld utterly a
few people of late grumbling about how a Beeb coverage has got too Hello!
magazine-y of late. we theory all media are usually as guilty really. Thoughts?

13.07 Serene swell for Roger via a tournament, 5 hours
fewer on justice than Novak this tournament. “Not poignant for me,”
says Richard Krajicek. “Because that [endurance] is Novak’s game. If it
was a other approach round, afterwards sure.”

13.04 And nonetheless for me, and for maybe 4/5ths of a throng in Centre
Court today, he is a second favourite to Roger. Surely a many beautiful
actor who ever lived, a finish actor and a finish champion in every
sense. Hard not to rush really, nonetheless a approach that his will to win and desire
for self-improvement seem usually to grow in his 33rd year are moving and
awesome. A honestly extraordinary sportsman.

13.02 I am a outrageous suitor of Novak. Aside from a techincal
excellence, we adore a approach that he raises his diversion a harder things get, he
indeed seems to penchant and suffer a pressure. He’s brilliant, he’s
intelligent, he’s a gentleman, and he is a good champion.

13.00 To business. What a final. What a span of group these are. Who do
we wish to win?

12.51 Wombles were utterly honeyed though.

Apologies to any unfamiliar readers who have no suspicion about a rare looking
quadruped below. That’s Vinnie Jones, who played football for Wimbledon in a
famously heartless and cruel 1980s team. The other ones are Wombles, who were
children’s animation characters in a early 1980s. They were utterly forward of
their time actually. They were environmental small things that lived on
Wimbledon Common and foraged for things that they reused.

12.50 But all things considered, we have to cite this…

12.45 … as good as this…

12.40 Ah, Wimbledon. Famous for this…

12.30 Got this one off Rain Today. It’s of now-ish, and it shows
that a categorical rope of sleet has swept adult a East and missed London, so
fingers crossed for that. Wimbles is to a South West of a city.

12.25 Hoping that a continue will hold. Trying to find some sleet radar

12.21 What of a continue forecast? We’re awaiting clouds, 68 degrees.
Chance of showers.

12.20 And here’s Oliver
Brown on Federer

The male is a metronome, despite one of magnificently superb Swiss

It is no consternation that Rolex continues to compensate him £1 million a year, when
each one of his matches on a lawns this summer has run like exquisite

12.00 You’ll be wanting the
consultant viewpoint of a players’ chances
in this compare and where a key
battles competence be fought. Here is Greg Rusedski with usually such a
useful item.

From Roger Federer’s perspective, if he wins his 18th vital here, it will
make Rafael Nadal’s chances of throwing him most some-more remote. The aged master
will have a throng during his back, and Novak Djokovic will be really most the
villain, usually as he was in a final opposite Andy Murray final year.

For Djokovic, though, a vigour is maybe even greater. He has lost
5 out of a past 6 grand impact finals he has played. So he will have a
large psychological burst to burst over before he has even started.

Well value a review and generally good on a mental battles, we thought.

11.40 Very shortly, as it turns out. Hello everybody and acquire to our
live blog of a Wimbledon men’s final. Any vital compare involving dual of the
large 4 is always value a watch, and given that a Wimbledon pretension is at
stake, it’s certainly about as good as it gets. So many fascinating aspects to
consider: can a 32-year-old Roger Federer live with a freakihly durable
Novak Djokovic if a compare goes long? How will a game’s excellent returner
understanding with a Fed serve, maybe a best offer a diversion has seen bar Pete
Sampras. How will a change of coaches Stefan Edberg (Roger) and Boris
Becker (Novak) come into play?

We’ll plead those questions and many some-more – including a discuss over which
of these is a larger – over a subsequent integrate of hours.


Alan will be here shortly for rave and a best game-by-game news of
today’s mouthwatering Wimbledon
men’s singles final.

In a meantime, here is an remove from a tennis match Simon
Briggs’ preview:

It is one of a good Wimbledon rivalries: a silky, puzzling volleyer on
one side, and an intense, dark Mitteleuropean on a other. And that is
usually a coaches.

has played Novak
35 times, nonetheless this will be a initial time that both
parties have been upheld by their particular mentors, Stefan Edberg and
Boris Becker. It feels like a flashback to a 1980s, when rallies lasted
3 shots and a barest partial of a justice was a “gathering point”
on a T of a use box.

Clearly a appearance of a “supercoach” materialisation – which, lest
we forget, was kick-started by Andy Murray’s jubilant partnership with
Ivan Lendl – is a bonus for TV directors. But it is also changing a way
complicated tennis is played. Some of a sorcery of netplay is returning to a
competition that had turn overly married to a baseline.

Both Edberg and Becker have speedy their charges to come forward
wherever possible. As dual of a biggest volleyers in history, they know
there is an component of a chess gambit to a net-rush. Even if we remove the
point, we are still messing with your opponent’s mind, and a advantages are
mostly reaped later.

a rest of a piece…

Article source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/tennis/wimbledon/10949398/Roger-Federer-vs-Novak-Djokovic-Wimbledon-2014-final-live.html

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