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Rumor suggests a iPhone 7 will embankment a headphone jack

The customary 3.5-millimeter headphone jack is everywhere—from computers to smartphones to stereo apparatus to that Walkman from 1987 sitting in your closet. But if a new gossip is to be believed, your subsequent iPhone competence not have one.

According to a Japanese tech site Mac Otakara, Apple is formulation to cut a entire 3.5mm headphone jack in a iPhone 7, opting instead for Lightning-based headphones. According to Mac Otakara, a dismissal of a headphone jack appears to be partial of an bid to serve slim down a iPhone: The site claims a subsequent iPhone will be a full millimeter thinner than a stream model, a iPhone 6s.

Mac Otakara also says that a new iPhone will come with Lightning-based EarPods, and will support third-party Bluetooth and Lightning-based headphones. If we wish to use 3.5mm headphones, you’d have to rest on an adapter dongle of some sort, a news states.

Signs indicate during ‘maybe’

While it’s a good thought to sojourn doubtful of any rumor, there are a integrate indications that this one competence be for real. MacRumors characterizes Mac Otakara as “often-reliable,” that would seem to give this latest gossip some credence. And as MacRumors notes, Apple introduced the MFi specification for Lighting-based headphones final year, so Apple competence have been laying a grounds for transition divided from a headphone jack for a while.

Apple also has a prolonged story of dropping comparison record in a products, possibly to make room for new facilities or slim down a gear. The strange iMac, for example, lacked a floppy drive, though it helped popularize USB. More recently, a 12-inch Retina MacBook ditched roughly all ports in preference of a headphone jack and a singular USB-C port.

It’s critical to note that Apple wouldn’t be a initial smartphone builder to dump a headphone jack—the HTC G1, a initial Android-based smartphone, also shipped though a headphone jack. But given Apple’s size, influence, and marketplace position, shipping an iPhone though a headphone jack competence pull other manufacturers to follow suit.

Such a growth competence lead to a fractured headphone market, though it’s also probable that Apple has other, bigger skeleton for a Lightning connector. Only time will tell. 

Article source: http://www.macworld.com/article/3009009/apple-phone/rumor-suggests-the-iphone-7-will-ditch-the-headphone-jack.html

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