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RunKeeper gets into a step-tracking diversion with Breeze

When it comes to being fit, it’s unequivocally a tiny things that counts. You can go to a gym as many as we want, run 5 miles any morning — yet if we eat like crap, expostulate yourself to a dilemma store and take a conveyor any morning to your 2nd building office, it’ll be all for naught. RunKeeper can already assistance lane any training event as we make your approach from cot to 5K, now it’s perplexing to motivate we to keep relocating between runs with Breeze. The iOS-only app uses a iPhone 5s’ M7 chip to lane your movements and count a series of stairs we take. Of course, pedometer apps are fast apropos a dime a dozen. Breeze attempts to set itself detached by morality and minimizing user interaction.

The biggest partial of a app are a notifications. If you’re sedentary for too prolonged a motivating summary pops adult to get we off your ass. Every morning you’ll get a daily idea pushed to your phone and you’ll get an occasional standing refurbish to let we know how tighten you’re getting. It can even map out when a many active tools of your day are and where we are during those times. It’s not all notifications though, there is an tangible app that we can launch and poke around in. The UI is stunningly simple, creation it easy for a uninformed to find their approach around. But we won’t find a same abyss of facilities and stating here that we would with messenger apps designed for wearables like Fitbit and a Jawbone UP.

RunKeeper is already formulation for a destiny as well. The association is earnest that a flagship activity tracker will confederate with Breeze. And while usually a iPhone 5s is upheld during a moment, other inclination are on a horizon. Though we have no specifics about what phones will be upheld or when.



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