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Samsung Galaxy S4 Android Lollipop Update

Last year, Samsung rolled out Android 5.1 for Samsung Galaxy S5. Numerous analysts likely that Samsung Galaxy S4 will be a subsequent one to get a update. Surprisingly, a South Korean organisation shifted a courtesy towards other Smartphone like Galaxy Note 3.

In a commencement of January, Samsung started releasing a latest Android refurbish for Galaxy S4. The refurbish is third vital Android recover of a device. It comes with dual distinguished changes: a tongue-tied mode and Samsung Knox 2.0. Earlier, Samsung Galaxy S4 was using on Samsung Knox 1.0.

Rests of a teenager facilities are Material Design Layout, demeanour shade notification, extended confidence features, find My Mobile, reactivation tighten and vast fixes.

Up compartment now, several general carriers have expelled a refurbish for owners of Galaxy S4. However, there are a vast series of extraordinary people who are gripping a tighten eye on news per Android refurbish for their devices.



Samsung is always sly when it comes to Android update. The organisation never reveals accurate recover date of Android updates. It customarily tries to censor a names of nation that are approaching to get a refurbish first. Due to this secrecy, many of a time people trust that a organisation is not operative on a update.

The Latest chronicle of Android has not done most swell in a final dual months. Still, countless Samsung Galaxy S4 users got Android 5.1 update. Up compartment now, a refurbish has reached to Galaxy S4 users of Hong Kong, Nepal, Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka. It is a acknowledgment pointer that Samsung Galaxy Lollipop recover is relocating with fast speed.

A few days ago, Samsung pushed out Galaxy S4 lollipop refurbish for GT-19500 users. It is a general indication of Samsung Galaxy S4.

On a other hand, Samsung Galaxy S4 GT019505 refurbish has overwhelmed Greece, France and Cyprus.

It is indeed intensely delayed hurl out as compared to a prior ones. The feedback is a primary reason behind it. The organisation intends to get feedback before it rolls out a refurbish to other countries.


Nonetheless, Samsung Galaxy Android refurbish will substantially accessible for each owners of Samsung Galaxy S4 compartment a finish of April.


Even though, a latest chronicle of Android comes with lots of bug fixes though it has a possess issues as well. Thus, people who are formulation to ascent their inclination should be patient.

According to users’ feedback, Android 5.1 is frustrating in countless ways. The aberrant delay, content messages issues, UI problems, battery empty and low orator volume can get on your nerves.

Nevertheless, users should bear in mind that these problems change from one device to another. It is probable that a refurbish will duty ideally on your friend’s Galaxy S6. In contrast, it will give we a critical headache as each device behaves differently after installation.


Carriers wordless on a Update:

Surprisingly, many general carriers refused to exhibit any sum on a subject.

Major carriers such as Optus, Australia, Telstra, Rogers, SFR and Vodafone used to give some clues per a update.  This time, even they have declined to plead Galaxy S6 Android update.

There are chances that it is one of a provisos of Google. It confirms that US carriers are not a usually one to act strangely.

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