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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review: A Definite Style Upgrade

In a review of a Samsung Galaxy S6, we described how a Korean giant, once a undisputable aristocrat of a Android domain, had finally recognized that top-tier smartphones need to be some-more than usually pieces of cosmetic with a latest tech pressed inside. There isn’t many to be gained from usually bumping adult processor speeds and shade resolutions year-on-year; a altogether knowledge of regulating a device has to be new and sparkling adequate to remonstrate people to upgrade. The Galaxy S5 fell brief not usually given of a unappealing style, yet also given of facilities such as a heart rate sensor that hardly worked, a fingerprint reader that was too ungainly to use, and program facilities that no one ever worried to try discovering.

We also conspicuous that while there was a lot to like about a Galaxy S6 (Review | Pictures) in terms of design, patience and altogether identity, Samsung had reason behind in terms of unequivocally exploring new ideas of what a smartphone can and should be. That’s where a Galaxy S6 Edge comes in.


Not any association can lift off a elemental change in a figure of a smartphone, given a whole thing is formed around a screen. However, Samsung’s strengths as a multinational wiring superpower embody in-house engineering and prolongation capabilities. Having recently pioneered a mass prolongation of winding AMOLED screens, a association is doing all it can to mount out in a crowded, homogenous market.

The Galaxy Note Edge (Review | Pictures), launched final year, was a initial commercially accessible smartphone with a wraparound screen, yet Samsung competence not unequivocally have famous what to do with it. The area that winding over a phone’s right corner was physically partial of a same panel, yet behaved like a apart territory altogether. Ultimately, we found a asymmetry too distracting, and a altogether thought lacking purpose.


Round dual comes in a form of a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The shade is still curved, yet a proceed is different, and so is a aim audience. Read on to see how this phone binds up, and how it compares to a some-more normal sibling, a Galaxy S6.

Look and feel
In an sea of smartphones with scarcely matching shapes and proportions, a Galaxy S6 Edge stands out like a resplendent beacon. This is a phone that will squeeze your courtesy – Samsung clearly designed it as a showpiece. The brazen winding shade is complemented by unreservedly ardent glossy lead colours. The approach it catches and reflects light creates we spin it over in your hands usually to admire it.


The Galaxy S6 Edge manages to mangle new belligerent while still certainly being a Samsung phone. Our examination territory was a shimmery gold, that done it seem some-more glamorous than a plain white Galaxy S6 sample. The front is all glass, and a steel sides support it in unconditional curves. The back is also glass, yet with a physique colour clearly manifest by it. It’s so glossy and contemplative that it was indeed formidable to photograph. If bullion isn’t your thing, a Galaxy S6 Edge is also accessible in low jewel-toned blue and green, or plain white.

When seen head-on, a Galaxy S6 Edge doesn’t seem to have any shade borders on a left or right, that gives a whole territory an elongated demeanour even yet a proportions are flattering many matching to a Galaxy S6′s. The earthy home symbol subsequent a shade has an integrated fingerprint sensor that works with usually a tap, so we don’t need to appropriate opposite it. To a sides, capacitive Recents and Back buttons light adult when touched.


The back is usually as sleazy as that of a Galaxy S6, yet this phone is even some-more formidable to reason interjection to a narrow, rather pointy sides. In a time with a Galaxy S6 edge, we were constantly wakeful of how easy it would be to dump it and how catastrophic it would be for this phone to land face-down on any tough surface.

The energy and volume buttons are in a same places on both phones’ sides, yet a Galaxy S6 Edge’s Nano-SIM label tray has changed to a top, to one side of a infrared emitter. The nauseous camera gush is usually as conspicuous on both phones, yet looks even some-more during contingency with a sharp pattern here. The battery is hermetic in and there’s no microSD label container for storage enlargement – deliberation a buyers Samsung has in mind, these drawbacks are easier to swallow than they were on a some-more mainstream Galaxy S6.


Specifications and software
Samsung’s new twins have matching specifications solely for a battery capacity, that is a small bit aloft in a Galaxy S6 Edge during 2,600mAh compared to 2,550mAh in a Galaxy S6. Both inclination are accessible with 32GB, 64GB or 128GB of storage, with no operation for expansion. Samsung’s in-house Exynos 7420 SoC has 4 1.5GHz ARM Cortex-A53 processor cores and 4 2.1GHz ARM Cortex A-57 cores along with integrated Mali-T760MP8 graphics. There’s 3GB of RAM, Wi-Fi b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.1 and NFC. You can examination about a hardware and program in some-more detail in a examination of a Galaxy S6.

While a shade is winding on dual sides, it has a same measure and fortitude as a prosaic one on a twin: 5.1 inches and 1440×2560 pixels. Samsung used a wider shade on a Galaxy Note Edge compared to a one on a Galaxy Note 4 in sequence to accommodate additional facilities and emanate new use situations, yet there is no such goal here. Whereas a bend on a Galaxy Note Edge extended down a side of a phone vouchsafing we see utterly a lot of information during a glance, a Galaxy S6 Edge’s curves extend usually rather down any side, with not adequate room for lines of content to be visible.


There are usually a few tweaks that make use of a winding shade edges, as opposite to a engorgement of “edge screen” panels and settings on a Galaxy Note Edge. That’s not a problem, given we found a always-on credentials distracting and a self-centredness content useless. On this phone, a categorical focus of a manifest curves is that they can peep in specific colours when certain contacts call we (up to five), so we know who’s job when a phone is upside down. Aside from that, we can have your notifications and information such as a time and continue uncover adult on possibly corner for easier access.

With matching components and capabilities, it should come as no warn that a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge performs usually as good as a Galaxy S6. We beheld pointed variations in a benchmark exam scores, that are within a operation of normal variations from run to run. SunSpider, for instance, gave us scores of 352.3ms and 353.7ms for a winding and prosaic phones, respectively, while a BrowserMark formula were 2546 points and 2663 points respectively.


(Click to see full size)

The Galaxy S6′s AnTutu record of 67975 points has proven to be brief lived, with a Galaxy S6 Edge violence it by a slight domain with a measure of 68433. Both got a accurate same measure of 39fps in GFXbench, yet a Galaxy S6 had a slight advantage in 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited, with 21878 points as opposite 20306 points for a Galaxy S6 Edge.

As matching as a dual phones’ scores were, real-world use felt really different. Just like with a Galaxy Note Edge, it’s tough to stay focused on a Galaxy S6 Edge’s shade given no matter that approach we reason it, there is always some reflection. UI elements, full-screen games and videos drain off a edges, that is spasmodic annoying. You’re also instinctively many some-more discreet when doing a Galaxy S6 Edge – it isn’t easy to reason when, for example, recording videos.


(Click to see full size)

The built-in orator is transparent and distinct, yet a sound it produces isn’t really rich. Camera peculiarity is glorious – uncelebrated from that of a Galaxy S6. You can examination all about it in the camera territory of a examination of this phone’s twin, yet it should sufficient to contend in brief that picture peculiarity in many situations is on standard with that of a iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Close-ups are richly minute with roughly no obvious noise, and even photos taken in low light are impossibly good.

We managed to get 12 hours and 20 mins of video playback time in a loop test, that was a small startling deliberation that a Galaxy S6, with a marginally smaller battery, ran for roughly an hour longer. Both phones were tested underneath matching conditions.


(Click to see full size)

Ultimately, Samsung motionless to play it protected and offer dual opposite versions of a Galaxy S6 flagship; one with a new winding shade and one without. This is one time when we’re indeed happy that a association has launched mixed matching models – this way, all users aren’t forced into regulating (and profitable for) what Samsung thinks is a subsequent large thing.

One of a categorical criticisms of a Galaxy Note Edge was that a additional shade space felt like a apart arrangement that we couldn’t get absolved of when it wasn’t indispensable – like a smartwatch physically trustworthy to a phone itself, rather defeating a possess purpose. Similarly, to be honest, we don’t consider there’s many in terms of functionality that will assistance a Galaxy S6 Edge sell, generally given a Galaxy S6 is significantly reduction expensive. It can perform a few neat tricks yet doesn’t work a approach into new areas of a lives.

That said, a immeasurable infancy of those who buy this phone won’t caring about such things. They’ll buy it possibly given owning something so new and opposite gives them a thrill, or given it has a singular approach of creation people do a double-take – a “wow factor”, as it’s called. No other phone, solely maybe a Galaxy Note Edge and a arriving LG G Flex2 can offer that. This phone is gorgeous, absolute and has no vital flaws. There’s zero wrong with splurging on it if we feel like, given there are no compromises or trade-offs compared to a glorious Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in pictures

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