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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Will it Bend?

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (T-Mobile)

SquareTrade done headlines this weekend by holding a mint Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone, putting it in what they call a “bend bot,” and applying vigour until a phone focussed out of shape. Bending occurred during 110 pounds of pressure, while inauspicious disaster happened during 149 pounds of pressure.

If all of this sounds informed it is since a accurate same debate happened when a iPhone 6 initial strike a market. Apple responded to those claims by citing really low event rates, and invited a collection of reporters to a domicile to see how it exam phones.

For a part, Samsung points out that 110 lbs of vigour is approach some-more than many users will ever request to a phone,¬†even by sitting on it. Samsung also posted it possess 3-point vigour exam video that shows a phone is volatile adult to 79 lbs of pressure. That is roughly homogeneous to a force compulsory to mangle a gold of 5 No. 2 pencils. Unfortunately for Samsung, that video usually has about 10,000 plays so far, while SquareTrade’s has over 1 million.

So what can we learn from all this? First, videos of things catastrophically violation are some-more fun to watch than videos of things *not* breaking. Second, if your business is offered insurance, that is after all, how SquareTrade creates money, posting thespian YouTube videos scaring business is good for business.

If we wish to know how a Galaxy S6 Edge performs, check out a full review.

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