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Samsung Galaxy S6 will launch during MWC 2015: Here’s all we know so far

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 smartphone, a new flagship from a South-Korean tech giant, will launch during a Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona on 1 March. Thanks to Samsung’s teaser videos and photos, and a rumours mills, there’s utterly a lot that we already know about a arriving Galaxy S6. We take a demeanour during what a leaks have suggested so far.

Design and build: For starters it’s good-bye cosmetic flagships from Samsung and amen to that. On Monday, Samsung expelled a video teaser simply titled, The Next Galaxy, that hints a full-metal physique phone. In further to this, a Samsung Instagram page has also expelled a visual teaser of a S6.

The teaser creates it clear that a Galaxy S6 will be a new-line of flagship from a association with a lead physique and is full catchy visuals of glass steel shifting along what looks like a corner of a phone. The teaser has lines like ‘metals will flow’ and ‘border will disappear.’ It competence be Samsung-style corny, yet that has been taken to meant that Galaxy S6 will have intensely skinny bezels on a sides.

The Galaxy S6 will also come with an curved-edge arrangement version, according to a leaks. Even Samsung’s video gives a brief spirit of a winding corner display. The smartphone will approaching be called a Galaxy S Edge and news by Sammobile  reliable that it will an Edge shade on both sides.

Sammobile goes on to contend that “the Edge screens will be 30 to 50 percent reduction winding than a Edge arrangement on a Galaxy Note Edge as a S6 is a smaller device than a Note Edge.

Colour options for a S6 will be Black, White, Red and Blue. Sadly no bullion like a iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S6 picture recover by T-Mobile. Samsung Galaxy S6 picture recover by T-Mobile.

Specifications: Such is a friendship of some, that a whole site has been combined for a Galaxy S6 rumours. One such site, GalaxyS6Samsung.com put out a specs list that pronounced that a Galaxy S6 will come with a 5.3-inch 4K AMOLED display, a 64-bit Exynos 7420 or Snapdragon 810 processor depending on a country, 5 megapixel front camera, 20 megapixel back camera and Broadcom’s new sensor chip. More on a camera below.

Where a processors go, it was reported that Samsung was contrast a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset, yet it was found to means over heating, that done Samsung dump a thought of regulating a Snapdragon 810 SoC. Post that Qualcomm has agreed to redo a Snapdragon 810 SoC for Samsung’s flagship device, so don’t be astounded with dual versions of a phone.

Wireless charging: This is one gossip that started given Samsung posted association blogpost on a theme on a website Samsung TomorrowThe blog post notes, “It is approaching that 2015 will be a landmark year for a expansion of wireless charging deployment, as wireless charging stations will start to seem in some-more and some-more open places. Samsung will accelerate to democratize this wireless charging record with constrained smartphones. With a arriving Galaxy smartphones, users will be means to enter a new wireless universe like never before.”

The post also states that around two-three years ago, wireless charging was usually 20 to 30 percent as quick as wired. However, a charging speed has now been doubled.

Obviously given that this post came so tighten to a Galaxy S6 launch date, it has been seen as an denote that a Galaxy S6 could support wireless charging. But it would be advantageous to note that other talked about Samsung technologies like ‘Eye-scanner’ didn’t unequivocally make it to a S4 or S5, even yet a association had mentioned them in blogposts.  If a S6 does support wireless charging, that will be a large boost to a features.

Camera: An intelligent camera that will take ideal cinema underneath any conditions and all users have to do is press a button? Well that doesn’t explain a lot yet apparently that’s something we should design from a Galaxy S6 camera.

According to an official blogpost by DongHoon Jang, Senior VP and Head of Camera RD Group, a camera of a subsequent flagship will be something like this. He wrote in a post,  “We meticulously weigh each singular facet of a smartphone cameras by holding over 10,000 photos in each possible lighting sourroundings for analysis. The same passion and loyalty has been put into building a cameras for a recover of a 2015 flagship model. It will be intelligent and do all a meditative for users, permitting them to take extraordinary cinema underneath any conditions, but carrying to worry about anything some-more than only dire a shiver button.”

The post doesn’t unequivocally dwell on a specifics of a Galaxy S6’s camera and it’s doubtful that we will see a camera phone with a incomparable picture sensor size, that is what unequivocally creates a disproportion to a photos taken from your smartphone and those on your DSLR.

Pricing: According to a report final week the 32GB Galaxy S6 various is approaching to be labelled during 749 euros that is approximately Rs 53,000, 64GB during 849 euros that comes to approximately Rs 62,000 and and 128GB version to cost 949 euros (approx. Rs 69,300). The 32GB Galaxy S6 Edge is approaching to be labelled during 849 euros ​that is about Rs 59,500, 64GB chronicle during 949 euros (approx. Rs 66,400) and 128GB various during 1049 euros that comes to Rs 73,300.

Obviously Samsung’s flagship won’t come inexpensive in India and is approaching to leave some fans disappointed.

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