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Samsung Gear VR Headset Coming This September

Samsung already has a fingers in scarcely each tech market, and now a wiring hulk is reportedly removing in on practical existence headset craze. Dubbed a Samsung Gear VR and presumably set to entrance during IFA 2014 this September, a headset will offer mobile gamers a kind of immersive gaming knowledge offering by dedicated HUDs such as a Oculus Rift.

According to Sammobile, a Gear VR will be powered by a user’s high-end smartphone such as Samsung’s possess Galaxy S5 or a rumored Galaxy Note 4. The headset will approaching use an inner AMOLED shade to arrangement calm and will rest on your smartphone’s accelerometer and gyroscope to lane your movements. The Gear VR might also need a connected tie to your smartphone in sequence to safeguard there is no loiter between a headset and your device, that could hurt a VR experience

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In terms of functionality, a Gear VR is being compared to Google’s Cardboard VR headset. Power by an Android smartphone and a set of goggles built into a square of foldable cardboard, a headgear offering a comparatively immersive user knowledge by apps such as Google Earth and Windy Day. Of course, Samsung’s Gear VR substantially will be some-more upmarket than a square of cardboard.

Exactly what apps will be optimized for a Gear VR isn’t nonetheless clear, yet Sammobile claims that Samsung will set aside a dedicated territory of a apps store for a headset, as it did for a Gear watches.

The Gear VR is not to be confused with Samsung’s rumored Google Glass aspirant a Galaxy Glass. That device, that is also approaching to see a Sep release, is pronounced to offer modernized facilities such as an protracted existence keyboard.

We’ll be on a belligerent in Germany for IFA 2014 in September, and gripping an eye on a gossip indent in a meantime, so stay tuned for some-more information on both a Gear VR and Galaxy Glass.

 Via Sammobile

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