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Samsung ‘investigating’ claims of fingerprint penetrate on Galaxy S5

Samsung is “investigating” claims from confidence researchers that hackers can take copies of fingerprints from a company’s 2014 flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone, as good as other Android devices, by exploiting a debility in a doing system’s doing of biometric data.

According to confidence organisation FireEye, Android fails in a attempts to describe fingerprint information untouched to many apps by sequestering it in a “secure zone” on a phone. The smirch is simple: rather than perplexing to mangle into a secure section itself, a enemy simply concentration on reading a information entrance directly from a fingerprint sensor before it reaches a secure zone.

With this information, it’s probable to refurbish a fingerprint, and potentially use it elsewhere, the researchers told Forbes’ Thomas Fox-Brewster.

“If a assailant can mangle a kernel, nonetheless he can't entrance a fingerprint information stored in a devoted zone, he can directly review a fingerprint sensor during any time. Every time we hold a fingerprint sensor, a assailant can take your fingerprint,” one of a researchers, Yulong Zhang, told Forbes. “You can get a data, and from a information we can beget a picture of your fingerprint. After that we can do whatever we want.”

The disadvantage is bound on a newest chronicle of Android, Lollipop – that runs on newer devices, including a Galaxy S6 – and users who can ascent should. As good as Samsung, some – nonetheless not all – other Android inclination regulating versions progressing than Lollipop are affected, nonetheless a Galaxy S5 was a usually one named. Samsung says it “takes consumer remoteness and information confidence really seriously” and is questioning FireEye’s claims, that are due to be suggested in some-more fact during a arriving RSA confidence conference.

Apple’s TouchID system, benefaction on a iPhone 5s and iPhones 6, uses a identical devoted section architecture, nonetheless no assailant has nonetheless demonstrated a ability to lift fingerprints off a device regulating a program hack. The fingerprint sensor has, however, been shown to be exposed to spoofed fingerprints: a feign fingerprint, printed onto a laminated piece and stranded to a genuine finger, can dope a fingerprint sensor.

Of course, hidden a fingerprint by a program penetrate might not be a easiest approach to bypass biometric security: in December, a hacker demonstrated a ability to travesty a German minister’s fingerprints from only a sketch of her hand.

Article source: http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/apr/23/samsung-investigating-fingerprint-hack-galaxy-s5

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