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Samsung Redesigns Its VR Headset to Fit a Galaxy S6

If you’ve wanted to get in on a smartphone-powered VR diversion though regulating a comparatively ginormous Samsung Galaxy Note 4, your day has come.

Samsung has expelled pricing and accessibility info about a new Gear VR headset that’s concordant with Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones.

The Gear VR Innovator Edition for a S6 and S6 Edge (that’s a name!) is accessible for preorder online during Best Buy starting Friday, Apr 24. It goes on sale online in a integrate of weeks, commencement May 8 on Samsung’s Gear VR site and a Best Buy site. It’ll strike Best Buy sell stores on May 15. The cost stays during $200, only like a prior Gear headset.

The new wearable, that we initial got breeze of last month, is smaller, has newly designed face-straps, and has a built-in fan. Like a Note 4-compatible counterpart, a new Gear VR will radically be a comfy facemask into that we slip a Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge, afterwards watch in stereo prophesy as your phone runs VR apps. The headset itself doesn’t discriminate any of a VR craziness, though it has a touchpanel on a side of it for navigating menus on a phone. There’s a MicroUSB wharf we slip a phone into to activate a handset’s VR antics. All a practice are driven by a phone; a headset is only there for security, comfort, and magnification of a shade during enlarged VR sessions.

Using a headset with a newer S6 lineup might work a bit better, too. The new flagship Samsung handsets might have a same fortitude shade as a Note 4, though a pixels are packaged in tighter due to a smaller shade (577ppi contra 515ppi). Processing energy is also opposite between a phones, as a Galaxy S6 lineup packs an eight-core Samsung Exynos processor contra a Note 4’s quad-core Qualcomm chip.

Despite a differences, a S6 phones will have a same facilities as a Note 4 when used with a facemask. Content will be accessible by Samsung’s Milk VR service as good as a Oculus Store. You can crop and download giveaway and paid calm to a device while regulating a phone in a VR headset.

In a best box scenario, this is a decent step brazen for VR. This isn’t a pierce that creates VR a mainstream must-have, of course. The calm coffers are still flattering empty over short-form experiments and demos, and that’s a large barrier. VR unequivocally needs an essential pretension or dual to expostulate it forward. But carrying a morally labelled facemask that works with a hot-selling phone like a S6 creates a initial burst to VR reduction intimidating. People will buy a S6 anyway, and once they have it, an additional $200 to spin it into a fun face-computer is a medium investment.

Of course, there are a few headsets that have been designed to work with a wider array of phones—and they’re cheaper. The $99 Zeiss VR One has an variable tray that works with a iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5, as good as CAD models that let we 3D-print trays for other phones. And there are giveaway card housings that are even some-more forgiving in terms of phone type, nonetheless those are expected to get worried during an hours-long soak sesh.

Article source: http://www.wired.com/2015/04/samsung-gear-s6-vr-headset/

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