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Samsung Reveals Potential for Smart TVs to Eavesdrop

Associated Press

Watch what we contend in your vital room. Samsung’s intelligent TV could be listening. And sharing.

Voice approval record in a South Korean company’s Internet connected TVs captures and transmits circuitously conversations.

The intensity for TVs to eavesdrop is suggested in Samsung’s intelligent TV remoteness process accessible on a website.

“Please be wakeful that if your oral difference embody personal or other supportive information, that information will be among a information prisoner and transmitted to a third celebration by your use of Voice Recognition,” a process said.

For a voice authority underline to work, a TV listens for debate that is translated by third-party program into content and sent behind to a TV as a command. Samsung declined to name a program company. The TV also transmits other information including a singular identifier.

Samsung pronounced information collection is directed during improving TV opening though users can invalidate it.

In a statement, a association pronounced it takes consumer remoteness “very seriously.”

“We occupy industry-standard confidence safeguards and practices, including information encryption, to secure consumers’ personal information and forestall unapproved collection or use.”

It is not a initial time that intelligent TVs sparked remoteness concerns. In 2013, a owners of a LG Electronics intelligent TV suggested it was promulgation information about his observation habits behind to a association but agree and but encrypting data.

LG has also experimented with displaying targeted ads on a intelligent TVs, that requires collecting and utilizing user data, such as their location, age and gender.


Link to Samsung’s remoteness process for intelligent TV: http://www.samsung.com/sg/info/privacy/smarttv.html?CID=AFL-hq-mul-0813-11000170

Article source: http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/wireStory/samsung-reveals-potential-smart-tvs-eavesdrop-28849030

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