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Samsung starts shipping new 4K TVs with Tizen OS

Streaming cinema from mobile inclination onto TVs isn’t as easy as it seems. Samsung hopes to make that easier with a new line of 4K Smart TVs, that have a mint Tizen handling system.

Samsung has started shipping some of a new winding and flat-panel Smart TVs, and announced prices for other models that will boat in a entrance months. The TVs, that start $949.99, come in ultra-high clarification [3840 by 2160] resolutions.

The user interface in a new Smart TVs will demeanour opposite from TVs expelled in prior years. Samsung’s whole Smart TV choice in 2015 is formed on Tizen, that brings TVs closer to mobile inclination and Internet-based streaming content, a association said.

It’ll usually take a press of one symbol for users to tide video from a smartphone or inscription to a TV. The underline will work with some Samsung smartphones and tablets, and users can continue regulating their mobile device as a film streams to a TV. Content from a mobile device to TV will tide around Wi-Fi Direct, and Bluetooth wireless record will be used for device discovery.

Samsung has also pronounced that a TVs—even when close off—will be means to tide live broadcasts to mobile devices. Samsung boundary these facilities usually to a mobile devices, though not other brands, something it has been doing with a past party products.

With Tizen OS, Samsung has also introduced a new Smart Hub interface by that users get entrance to streaming and other content. New party options and tradition calm options will be accessible from a opening screen, and a Tizen OS will make it easier to find content.

Some TVs in a new lineup with a SUHD appendix have quantum dots technology, that helps furnish crook tone and images. These models are also some-more costly than a normal LED TVs.

Some models in this 2015 TV lineup are means to upscale high-definition calm to 4K video.

The 2015 lineup has TVs with shade sizes from 40 inches during 88 inches. Some of a new products introduced on Thursday include:

— JS9100 Curved SUHD: The 78-inch large-screen TV will boat in May for $9,999.99.

— JS9500 Curved SUHD: The 65-inch TV will boat this month for $6499.99.

— JU6700 Curved UHD: A $949.99 40-inch indication is a slightest costly of all new Samsung TVs. A 65-inch indication is $2,699.99, and will boat in a entrance months.

The flat-panel TVs include:

— JU7100 UHD—A 40-inch is now accessible for $1,399.99, and a 60-inch for $2,499.99.

— JS8500 SUHD: A 40-inch indication is shipping for $2,999.99 and a 50-inch indication for $3,999.99.

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