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Samsung wants to put 128GB of quick storage in your subsequent phone

Samsung Galaxy S6 teaser

It’s no longer tough to get a large 128GB of storage in a smartphone, yet that doesn’t meant you’ll suffer it. What’s a indicate of all that additional space if your phone chugs doing huge games and 4K videos? Samsung has clearly expected this problem, yet — it only outed a initial 128GB peep memory chip formed on a rapid Universal Flash Storage standard. The partial uses tricks like authority queuing and a sequence interface to give we a kind of breakneck opening you’d design from a solid-state expostulate in a PC, not a device that fits in your pocket. It’s about 2.7 times faster during pointless information reads than a peep we see many high-end phones, while a consecutive speeds are “up to SSD levels.” And that’s while regulating 50 percent reduction energy — we won’t have to take a strike to battery life.

Samsung hasn’t named business for a UFS chip, that is also accessible in 32GB and 64GB forms. With that said, it doesn’t take a talent to see where it competence go. It won’t be during all intolerable if this storage ends adult in high-end Samsung phones (whether it’s a Galaxy S6 or something else), and it wouldn’t be a widen to see seductiveness from other top-tier companies that use Samsung’s flash, like Apple. Whoever’s on deck, you’re expected to see some-more (and better) 128GB options a subsequent time we go phone shopping.

Samsung 128GB Universal Flash Storage

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Samsung Galaxy S6

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