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Samsung’s Gear VR Commercial Is Surprisingly Good

With a Samsung Gear VR attack shelves and faces all over a place final week, a association ran a new blurb to foster it this weekend. we saw it during a 49ers vs. Seahawks game.


I contend “surprisingly” since even we found out how formidable it was to uncover a intensity of VR by a video during a review.

After vocalization with some folks in a practical existence village after Gear VR’s launch, it seems like Samsung has positioned a phone appendage nicely. The blurb is a partial of Samsung’s debate called “It’s Not a Phone, It’s a Galaxy.”

Have a look:

The ad shows a accumulation of people’s hands pulling a Gear VR towards their heads to check out a accumulation of content. Very simple, really clean, really playful. Kind of Appley. The blurb ends with a tagline: “Virtual existence only got real.”

Most importantly, it’s not nerdy. Sure, it’s still a prolonged shot that Samsung can tempt adequate people to buy one of a phones to energy a $99 Gear VR, though a blurb like this is going to assistance get kids of all ages (my adult friends basically) to start seeking for it as a Holiday present now.

Article source: http://techcrunch.com/2015/11/22/samsungs-gear-vr-commercial-is-surprisingly-good/

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