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Santa Claus rolls into city on skates, startling kids with toys

ST. PETERSBURG — He’s creation a list, he’s checking it twice, and he’s doing it while zooming by Vinoy Park on inline skates.

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With a pouch of toys slung over his left shoulder and a span of skates strapped to his feet, Santa Claus — also famous as Kevin Doan, a radio horde for an auction network— has been creation a rounds in a Old Northeast and downtown given Black Friday, handing out toys to children and playfully guessing that adults have been disobedient or nice.

Kids came using from all directions when they listened his skates attack a cement Monday night.

“Ho, ho, ho,” Doan shouted by his thick, white beard. “Merry Christmas. Happy holidays!”

Then, in screeching unison, a response: “Santa!”

The throng of children circled him in seconds. Some overwhelmed his red-and-white suit, as if creation certain he was a genuine deal.

“You wish a Winnie a Pooh bear, small buddy?” Doan asked 4-year-old David Pulley.

David sheepishly reached out, afterwards altered his mind.

“How about a competition automobile instead,” Doan pronounced as he churned out a fondle car. That was some-more David’s style. He hugged it tightly.

His brother, 9-year-old Reggie Gamble, took his Christmas minute to Santa out of his pocket. He looked during a letter, afterwards behind during Santa, his mouth dropping open.

Santa handed him a fondle and skated off.

Late to a party, 3-year-old Keeler Kai McNamara asked anyone who would listen: “Can we locate him?”

Doan screeched to a halt, never wanting to skip a child, and handed her a pressed animal.

Zipping down Beach Drive and adult Central Avenue, he left in his arise a tide of children holding new toys — hairy black bears, glossy new cars still in their packages, purses and Barbie dolls.

Doan has dressed adult as Santa before and handed out toys, though he pronounced this is a initial year he chose to movement by internal parks.

He doesn’t work with an organization, he said, he only wants to make internal kids happy. He pronounced he skates about 100 miles a week, dual or 3 hours each day, and has handed out thousands of toys.

Doan doesn’t accept donations for a gifts and pronounced he customarily spends about 6 hours each weekend picking them out.

“In today’s universe … people only need to be even some-more penetrable and compassionate,” he said. “These kids light up. we get some unequivocally low signs of fun and thankfulness from both a children and a adults.”

When he rolled by a outward seating during a Moon Under Water grill on Beach Drive, a tables roared with applause. He handed out presents and went behind to his route.

“Naughty,” Doan guessed to a organisation of adults sitting outward a Stillwater Tavern. They deplane into giggles.

“No, no,” he said, “you all contingency be good — Merry Christmas.”

He skates on for dual some-more hours, as he’s does each night. He follows a same track behind and forth, customarily until it’s too dark, creation certain a pouch of toys he carries has run out.

Doan pronounced he’ll be out each night until Christmas is over, though he can’t stay after that.

He has to get behind to a North Pole. He has a whole year of formulation left for subsequent Christmas.

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