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Saturday Night Live recap: ‘Woody Harrelson and Kendrick Lamar’

Woody Harrelson’s spin hosting SNL was a stoner’s delight. The uncover was prepared to burst on Harrelson’s reputation as a pot aficionado, so we got a integrate of sketches about weed, one about crack, and during slightest one that substantially finished some-more clarity if watched while high.

Harrelson’s seemed totally during palliate on a show, branch in a accumulation of plain performances via a evening. (Apparently, he has a mark on James Taylor adult his sleeve.) The partial on a whole felt steady, if not spectacular. Though no one blueprint felt like an present classic, there were a accumulation of chances for particular expel members to do good work. Kenan Thompson once again he valid that his ancillary work is a present to a show, and Kate McKinnon’s oddity bar dweller Sheila of a “Last Call” blueprint was a highlight, as were a accumulation of impressions Taran Killam was authorised to lift out.

Still, a biggest leader of a night was substantially marijuana, that brings me to a best blueprint of a night…

Best Sketch
In an dusk full of drug-related sketches, a best was ”New Marijuana Policy.” The premise? All of New York’s brownstone dwellers comprehend that they can go outward with 25 grams of weed though being arrested interjection to de Blasio. What follows is some beautifully choreographed euphoria that finds Harrelson with dreads and a awful essence patch, a Funyuns banner, and Leslie Jones screaming, “de Blasio, baby” after stepping out of hotboxed car.  It’s a elementary sketch, though simply a best executed of a night aside from a informed “Last Call.” The fact that it’s not live is maybe observant something.

Honorable Mention
Honestly, we would have put “Last Call” as a best blueprint if it hadn’t been finished mixed times before, generally since it was a customarily blueprint of a night that truly finished me hee-haw out shrill as against to grin intentionally during times. Kate McKinnon is a outrageous talent and this sketch stays uninformed interjection to it’s joining to creation viewers uncomfortable. Does her Sheila have a pepperoni on her neck to captivate men? Yes. What does she do for a living?  ”I re-plaster unpopular excellence holes.” Bravo. This installment also enclosed Harrelson and McKinnon making out Pushing Daisies style through a square of adhere wrap. In an partial that felt frustratingly Kate McKinnon-less, “Last Call” was a pleasing surprise.

Worst Sketch
No blueprint final night felt utterly as seared as “Match’d,” that relied on a informed format to do positively zero new. The premise? Horny guys on an MTV uncover try to stir a lady with their horniness until a horde is suggested to be her dad.

Best Cameo (s)
Unfortunately, this does not go to Matthew McConaughey. McConaughey did not uncover adult for any True Detective-related sketches. Instead, we got a Weekend Update shred with Taran Killam’s good McConaughey impression, some-more on that later. It was funny, though does not make adult for a miss for strength and blood McConaughey.

Harrelson’s digression was formed around a fact that he initial hosted SNL almost accurately 25 years ago back in 1989, a year that now immediately conjures thoughts of Taylor Swift. So, Harrelson, launched into a chronicle of Swift’s “Blank Space” formed on his misty take on a year. Sample lyric? “Then we got a vacant space baby since we used to do cocaine.” Present-day Harrelson, during slightest a digression version, doesn’t seem any reduction befuddled than he would have been behind then. That becomes clear as he’s assimilated by his Hunger Games co-stars Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson, and, later, by Jennifer Lawrence herself, who Harrelson mistakes for Swift. Lawrence did her now routine “don’t make me sing” act, and afterwards broke, branch it a digression into a veritable hee-haw fest among these buddies. But, we know what? It’s fine. They are charming.

Best Musical Moment
Both of Kendrick Lamar’s performances—”I” to begin, and afterwards “Pay for It,” Jay Rock’s strain featuring Lamar and Chantal Kreviazuk spoke to what an enchanting performer he is, and were simply a best low-pitched moments of a night. No offense to Harrelson, who, surprisingly after that monologue, did even some-more singing.

Most Muddled
For a life of me we couldn’t tell what a dual following sketches were satirizing. Everything? Nothing? “The Dudleys” was about CBS altering a boring, normal sitcom since of Internet commenters who want it to be some-more diverse, and afterwards changing it behind after receiving snail mail from a conservatives who don’t know how to use a Internet. Is a sketch mocking rote CBS sitcoms? Sort of. The Internet’s domestic correctness? Maybe. Old CBS viewers? Probably. Who knows? The best impulse came when one of the daughters in a Dudley family incited into Crazy Eyes from Orange Is a New Black and Uzo Aduba showed adult to lick Woody Harrelson’s face. (Woody got his face licked a lot final night. It was a good night for face-licking.)

What “Football Halftime Speech” was perplexing to do was equally unclear. At initial a blueprint seems to be all about how concussion rules are ridiculous, that is an peculiar and clearly dangerous position to take. Then it’s about how though those manners football players get concussions that make them loopy. Props to Kenan Thompson for his great, intentionally confused performance, though a sketch, once again, seemed like a sum variety of ideas.

Sketch That Made Us Go “Huh?”
What was a indicate “Campfire Song?” It concerned Harrelson as a wandering in a organisation of friends who was unequivocally eager about a strain about apples. I’m tempted to consider it’s stealthily partial of a druggy thesis of a show. Read: Maybe it’s funnier if you’re high.

Cast MVP
This was a good night for Taran Killam personification people with a initials M.M. First, he gave us a dipsomaniac Mitch McConnell in a cold open, that was a gratifying riff on a domestic blueprint format. Then, we got a lapse of his Matthew McConaughey. His McConaughey mislaid some of a glaze this time around, partially since Harrelson was never utterly certain to do with him, and partially since Jim Carrey’s McConaughey usually a integrate of weeks ago was also great. Still, it was good to see Killam get to run with impressions, and a “Young Tarts Old Farts” riff on a Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga partnership gave us his Barry Manilow and Sam Smith.

Runners up? Kenan Thompson, whose participation and smoothness customarily elevates less-than-great sketches, and Leslie Jones who recovered from that disaster during a Chris Rock show with a plain lapse to Update as a attribute expert.

I’m customarily a fool for impression-athons, though “Young Tarts Old Farts” was rather underwhelming. (Maybe that’s usually since we usually always wish to see Bill Hader do Alan Alda.) The high points? The small child who played Blue Ivy, who was precious, and a lapse of Vanessa Bayer’s Miley Cyrus, who I’ve honestly missed.

—Other impressions that felt severely missed? Nasim Pedrad’s Kim Kardashian. She would have been acquire this week.

—The goodbyes were great. Liam Hemsworth and Leslie Jones did a bit where she patted his ass. Jennifer Lawrence clearly didn’t comprehend cameras were rolling and had a review while Harrelson was doing his appreciate yous, during indicate indicate fundamentally punching Josh Hutcherson. The Hunger Games folks did a lovable small huddle. They seem like a fun group.

—The customarily good thing about “Match’d” was Kyle Mooney perplexing to contend “veterans.”

—Ugh, “Last Call” is hilariously gross. “Let’s speed this mom adult and take the express sight to penetratia.” “As prolonged as we don’t mind holding a road by STDetroit.”

—This felt like a really New York-centric episode, and a best thing to come out of that was Colin Jost’s Update line about New York being Ebola free: We’ll see about that pronounced Times Square Elmos.”


Article source: http://tvrecaps.ew.com/recap/woody-harrelson-and-kendrick-lamar/

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