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Science-Laden SpaceX Dragon Splashes Down In Pacific

SpaceX’s Dragon plug successfully splashed down in a Pacific Ocean on Tuesday dusk during 7:44pm. The booster was recovered by boat and is on a approach to Long Beach, California to broach some load to NASA before nearing during a final end in McGregor, Texas.

Among a load on house a boat are examples of equipment that were 3D printed on house NASA’s initial zero-G printer, that was grown by startup Made In Space. (Whose founders, incidentally, were among a FORBES 30 Under 30 in Manufacturing this year.)

The systematic load also enclosed samples from plants that were grown on house a International Space Station in an bid to establish how microgravity impacts plant growth. Also entrance behind to Earth are samples of proteins that were crystallized in microgravity to learn some-more about them, a attainment that’s formidable to accomplish here on Earth.

SpaceX’s subsequent launch will broach a Deep Space Climate Observatory booster to a indicate about 930,000 miles divided from Earth. That launch is currently scheduled for 6:03pm ET on Wednesday, Feb 11.

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Article source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/alexknapp/2015/02/11/science-laden-spacex-dragon-splashes-down-in-pacific/

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