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Scientists give glowing, black shark new name: ‘The Ninja’ – Chicago Sun

A freaky looking, all-black shark with intense capabilities has gotten a honeyed new name to compare a looks: The Ninja Lanternshark.

The swanky new moniker comes pleasantness of Vicky Vásquez, a co-author of a investigate about a shark  published this month in the Journal of a Ocean Science Foundation. According to NewsWeek, a authors creatively wanted to name it a “super ninja shark,” yet instead staid on a some-more scientifically accurate ninja lanternshark.

That’s most cooler than a strange name, Etmopterus benchleyi, that was in respect of Peter Benchley, a author of a mythological shark fear story “Jaws.”

Discovered in a Pacific Ocean off a continental slope in 2010, a ninja lanternshark uses special viscera that heat in sequence to attract chase and promulgate with other lanternsharks. However, since it lives between half a mile and a mile underwater where it is really dark, scientists have not been means to do complete studies on a function or diet.

The sharks are about 1.5 meters long, so not accurately Jaws-esque, yet they have mixed rows of pointy teeth that could take a hunk out whatever they select to bite, according to Hakai Magazine.

Article source: http://national.suntimes.com/national-world-news/7/72/2356592/scientists-give-glowing-black-shark-new-name-ninja/

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