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Sealed automotive in-line connector handles 13A

Molex MX120 automotive connectorMolex has announced a hermetic in-line connector family with 4mm representation and 1.2mm terminals for automotive and blurb automobile harnesses.

Called MXP120, it can hoop adult to 13A and is claimed to ba means to reinstate common 1.5mm systems.

Compatible with AK and USCAR interfaces, a MXP120 is designed according to a general AK form definition.

Connectors in yellow housings are competent according to T3-V2-S2 (+125°C , 250m/s²)  for in-vehicle reserve systems.

Black housings with customary USCAR polarisation options will follow. These housings are being certified to accommodate T4-V4-S3 specifications (per GMW3191) for high-performance (155°C, 300 m/s²) for use in space-constrained powertrains.

“New applications are also rising in automobile body-electronics for compress approach or in-line connectors with revoke opening mandate [125°C, 30m/s2)," pronounced Molex. "The black connectors will be equally befitting for many industrial and consumer applications where sealing is compulsory and package distance is a constraint."

Receptacles have a locking-latch that provides an heard click on latching. A overpass over a fasten protects it from intensity repairs or permanent highlight during wrapping and storage and helps safeguard latching opening is confirmed during use life.

The singular handle sign (SWS) with a fringe sign can withstand mist environments to IPx8 levels.

"It facilities an lengthened 'connector position declaration shave [CPA] for higher ergonomics and to revoke a risk of event or pre-seating before to mating. After connector mating, a CPA and a fasten mix to brace a connector interface but impact to a mating force,” pronounced a firm.

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