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Sharp to sell world’s initial 8K TV in October, for about $125000

First there was 1080p. Then there was 4K.

Now, Japan wiring hulk Sharp will start singular sales of supposed 8K televisions subsequent month. The TVs, also called “Super Hi-Vision,” have a fortitude of 7,680 pixels by 4,320 pixels—an implausible 16 times that of today’s high-definition sets (4X a 4K models) and improved than many film theaters you’ve been to.

Don’t design to buy one anytime soon, though—the initial sets (model LV-85001) will be offering to TV broadcasters and video prolongation companies beginning Oct 30. How much, we ask? About $125,000, according to a Japanese journal Nikkei.

The unusual TVs are a tiny partial of a broader pull by Japanese companies to ramp adult a peculiarity of promote radio forward of a 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. NHK, a internal open broadcaster, already has a sequence in.

But TVs are usually one partial of a equation. To comprehend 8K video, a whole tube behind it contingency also upgrade: a cameras that film a content, a computers that routine and store a video, a delivery systems that move it to businesses and homes.

Sharp, Samsung, and LG any showed antecedent 8K displays during CES in Las Vegas in January; Sharp also skeleton to uncover an 8K indication during Ceatec Japan 2015, a vital wiring expo, in early October.

The initial 8K televisions for consumers are approaching someday in 2018.

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Article source: http://fortune.com/2015/09/16/sharp-8k-tv/

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