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Shia LeBeouf — we Was Raped … During Famous Art Show

Shia LeBeouf
says he was raped by a fan during his famous #IAMSORRY art eventuality in Los Angeles this year … and his partner was station only outward a room when it happened. 

LeBeouf told Dazed …  the lady walked into a private room — where he was carrying wordless one-on-one interactions with fans — and churned his legs for 10 minutes, afterwards nude off his garments and “proceeded to rape” him.

Shia says it happened on Valentines Day while his partner was watchful in line to visit. Apparently, everybody in line was buzzing about a passionate confront … given Shia says his GF came in looking for an explanation, though he couldn’t answer given he was ostensible to be silent.

He doesn’t contend if he reported a purported rape to police.

As partial of a Dazed story … Shia sat down for an hour with a reporter, though they both remained wordless while wearing GoPro cams. It’s ungainly to contend a least. The QA partial was finished beforehand by email.


Article source: http://www.tmz.com/2014/11/28/shia-lebeouf-raped-art-show-iamsorry/

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